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frontcover2A definitive step by step guide to creating your own Sims 3 mods. More than 30,000 words of invaluable programming secrets for every budding Sims 3 Mod Creator. Everything you need to know from basic modification of the tuning files to advanced scripting techniques.

By Billy Rand

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There is also a 10% discount from social media, facebook, twitter.

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Inteen Future 1.66 version 4 (bug fix)

Inteen Future update version 4 – bug fixes

**fixed a couple of bugs in teen marriage and bed cuddling options.



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Inteen update – Future xp 1.66

Inteen 3 for future xp – patch 1.66!jEMHHCRD!9H9mFq0B7esXY1qmToUxu3ipedEqqDQ7qiYH-HDSuT4

future (9)
Removes Romance/Marriage/Pregnancy restriction between ages. Except for children, obviously.

No Shooing.

Allows Teen only households (move out/move in/split/from cas etc.)

This version does not contain my old sims2style jealousy o polygamy … yet

This version (Uber) allows relations/pregnancy/marriage between relations/future descendents.

Mature Inteen scolding – meaning no scolding for pregnant, married or engaged teens

No teen curfew

Supernatural options enabled for teens.

Online dating enabled for teens.

*other options, see facebook for more details.

LGBT pregnancy/marriage enabled – no gender restrictions.

See Facebook page for instructions if you’re not sure how to install.

Check me on Facebook for updates, if any.


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How To Mod The Sims – my whole approach in a nutshell

People often ask me how to mod the Sims. I confess that explaining a process I take for granted is complicated. I’ve offered this advice before and I’ll offer it here again. You can read the Sims 3 modding book (details posted on here) that I’ve written but if you really want to know in a nutshell everything about my own approach to modding I direct you to the video below but only the part between 228 to 259.

Right there between 228 – 259 of this video is my entire approach to Sims 3 modding. It’s all you need to know. :)

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Next expansion pack for Sims 3

As far as I know there is one more xp, a time travel one, due for release soon. I think it will be my last Inteen update in that case.

Not sure where if I will be modding for Sims 4 next year. On the whole, as many of you know from my blog and elsewhere, the Sims modding experience has not been a good one, unrewarding most of the time, and just about everything I created was ripped off somewhere down the line at some point,

Yeah, I feel I never got the credit I deserved for getting the Sims 3 modding ball rolling in  a big way when I released my seminal Inteen mod and providing the scripting code that modders now use and take for granted – many of them are still unaware that they are using my original script loading code that is necessary to run every script mod you come across, but hey that’s their ignorance for you. And so much of my coding has been copied and used without credit, it’s crazy. So if I do mod for Sims 4, this time I might do it just for me. Still, I’ve done what I wanted to to do, and said what I wanted to say, and everything is in the modding book if anyone is interested – at least, that is something none of them can ever take away; it’s all there in black and white. :)

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How To Mod The Sims 3 – for October

How To Mod The Sims 3
Until the end of October the book is available for less:

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Inteen inside…

All mods will now be on this page on this blog:

So you on longer have to sign up for facebook unless you want to know me personally or discuss the mods or any problem you’re having with them. But be warned I plan to stay off Facebook. You can also contact me on here, although your comment must be approved – and I have an avalanche of messages on here to get through. You can also contact me on Twitter.

You can also contact me about Modding questions here:

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