Why I quit modding The Sims 3

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Why I quit sharing my Sims 3 Inteen and TeenWoohoo mods with the Sims gaming community.

Way back in May of 2009, when everybody in the Sims 3 modding community was saying it wasn’t possible to mod The Sims 3 at all, I found a way to enable Teenage marriage in the game by altering the gameplay script. I posted my first efforts on sites like MoreAweSomeThanYou, Custom Sims 3 and ModTheSims3 (the only site that I’m still really fond of).

I went further, delving into the Sims 3 Core and developed a Sims 3 mod that enabled Teen Pregnancy in the game, among other things. This was a first, nobody thought it was possible at the time, and there were lots of modders at that time jumping up and down, green with envy, because here was somebody who had come out of the nowhere to steal their thunder.

I posted my very first attempts on MoreAweSomeThanYou, a site run by Pescado, because Pescado was the only Sims 3 modder at that time for whom I had any respect and not the kind of man to steal anybody else’s work. (update – scratch that, since actually I recently found out that Pescado is a lying scum sucking pig as well, since he’s been claiming I ripped off him when in fact he had no Teen mods at all until I released mine, and he even used some of my code in his Stupid Not-So-Awesome mod – aug/22/2011) … Well, there was one other modder I admired at the time: Warlokk from Insim; a creator I’d always admired from the Sims 2 days (remember his sims 2 bodyshapes?).

I never expected or wanted praise or adoring fans for what I’d done. I wanted to share the mod, because

(1)    I wanted to prove it was possible when I’d previously had arguments with modders who claimed it wasn’t possible

(2)    I wanted others to play the game the way I knew they wanted to play it, with teen marriage and pregnancy enabled.

It was my first time as a modder, but when I discovered the game had been coded in a language I was used to programming as a programmer for the game’s company Codemasters, I learned quickly how to manipulate the game. It wasn’t long after that I developed Inteen 3, which was a way of enabling romance, pregnancy and marriage across all ages ranges in Sims 3.

But the jealousy and immorality of the Sims modding community was something I had not expected . Within a matter of weeks, I was the modding community’s public enemy number one. I received nothing but hate emails from modders, and hate posts twenty four hours and seven days a week. Lots of mudslinging went on in the forums, from modders. Lots of posters from Simbology claimed the mods didn’t work and kept hitting the posts on ModTheSims2 and anywhere else I posted the mods, hitting the posts with spam comments and calls to have the mods removed and any kind of rubbish they could come up with, and all because they were bitter that I’d stolen their thunder – Simbology were the original creators of Inteenimator for Sims 2. They’d been too slow or too stupid to do what I’d done for Sims 3, and they weren’t happy about it. The gamers loved what I’d done, but the modders were about to ruin it for everybody.

I posted my Inteen 3 mods on Sexysims2 at that time under the name Darkpool. I wrote some tutorials and posted these on Sexysims3 ( a great site that is no longer active sadly) along with the mods.

Again, Inteen 3 for Sims 3 was a first. Again, the hate emails from modders began, and the hate posts from modders started, mostly from certain German members of the modding community. And this is where it gets nasty. See, those German members of the modding community eventually stole everything I’d created.

Now in those days, my break through Teen Woohoo mod was doing a brisk business on ModTheSims2 (along with a regular request from gamers for my Same Sex/pregnancy  mods) bringing in thousands and thousands of downloads. It was one of their top downloads.  I think (though I can’t remember the figures), within the first few months of posting (June/July), the gamers had downloaded my Teen Woohoo mod over fifty thousand times! Towards the end the numbers were astronomical.

My INTEEN 3 mod was doing a similar business on SexySims2, not as popular as my early TEEN WOOHOO, but by then I made major modifications to both mods and I was updating almost every other day with new features and new refinements.

I struggled to keep on updating, I admit. It’s no easy task when you have a mod as popular as that and posted on more than five different sites at once. Keeping track of all the updates I had to do was taking up serious amounts of my time. But all through this, I learned new ways to refine my mods, added new features (like the removal of family-relation restrictions -“Taboo”) that were requested by the gamers, even discovered a way to create non-core script mods (my Hospital/Clinic Abortion Mod, for example), wrote a nifty little bit of code that enabled Sims 2 Style Jealousy in the game, among other things that nobody thought was possible in Sims 3 at the time – Risky/Naked Woohoo/Polygamy for Sims 3. When I first discovered a way to enable Risky Woohoo/Naked Woohoo for Sims 3, I was excited to share it with the community because at that time (again) nobody knew how to do it. But it was only a matter of days before the German modders stole what I’d done. They then went on to steal my coding for the Sims 2 Style Jealousy and anything else they could pilfer. My concept for plugins, for example, to make Core modding easier was also copied without giving credit.

As you can imagine, I was beginning to get fed up with seeing my work pilfered by lesser modders. Wasn’t just my ideas they were stealing (and ideas are free) but my coding and how I’d implemented the code, all months of hard work figuring out how to make Sims 3 do things they couldn’t.

What made it worse at the time was that a site I had trusted (ModTheSims2) let me down by allowing these thieves to post their stolen work on the forums. They then went and removed my posts when I complained, as if all along they were just waiting for an excuse to hang me. I’m angry with the people who run ModTheSims2. They’ve lost my trust forever. Instead of refusing the thieves, they allowed it to happen and my complaints fell on deaf ears. I knew providing proof wasn’t going to be enough, because I’d see the immoral attitude of this so-called community.

I decided enough was enough and left the so-called “community” for good.

So what’s the moral of this story? Well, never share your work if you’re a Sims 3 Modder. The Sims 3 modding community is a clique of envious, no talent, losers, cheaters and liars; they backstab you and steal everything you do out of spite and envy. That’s my experience.

These days, I’m working for a computer game company again (like the old days) and enjoying it; currently we’re working on something that should be massive and is predicted to make googles of money. Although, dreams and aspirations aside, I still play The Sims 3 from time to time, and still mod the game, but only for myself.  I have adapted my Inteen 3 mod greatly to work with Sims 3 Ambitions expansion pack recently but I’ll never upload it to a site. Hell would have to freeze over first. I have shared the work privately with a few individuals I befriended on SexySims2 back in 2009 before the immoral modders moved in. You’ll find that my posts have been removed at SexySims2 and ModTheSims2, primarily it may seem because they are ashamed and want to cover up. But a quick google and you’ll discover the truth. It’s a cliché that the Truth is Out There. But it is, you know. My early work still exists in some form on sites or postings on forums dating back to June 2009 and some as early as April/May 2009. Nobody can deny the source. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but you’d have to admit it’s pretty strange (unless you know the Sims 3 modding commune is a clique) that most of my posts and downloads were removed on sites where the thieves started posting versions of my mods.

One of my first posts dated June 22nd on ModTheSims2

22nd Jun 2009, 02:07 AM
Replies: 5  Teen Mod?
Views: 405 Posted By Lostaccount
You can get my teen mod here:…

You can get my teen mod here: http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/smf/index.php/topic,15488.0.html

I’m still working on fixing the bed stuff in the mod, but everything else is working fine I’m pleased…

Of course, I fixed the Teen bed sharing and everything else shortly afterwards as you can see if you read through the posts that have been hidden by ModTheSims2 and as you would know if you’d played the game with my mods installed. Anybody who played with WA expansion for Sims 3 (the updates for WA were the last I ever made) will remember how well they worked and that I’d got just about everything working in synch – the romance/pregnancy/marriage options across all age ranges, the my UberTaboo/TabooLite/Taboo mod versions of my Inteen 3 mod which were massively popular, risky woohoo, the sims 2 style jealousy, and abortion options and everything I’d worked hard on. Sadly I left it there, when I began to notice that at every turn, the mod thieves were copying what I did, waiting for me to do all the hard work on the next update and then copying it again. I decided I didn’t want to work that hard for them just to steal and claim it as there own, so I quit. For Good.

I’ve kept a record of a few of my posts by the way, but the link to posts that Modthesims2 tried to hide is here:


My first postings on the mods forums date back to Late May/Early June as you can see, long long long before any of the mod thieves came on the scene. They are too numerous, but I kept enough to prove what I’d done before the thieves moved in to steal everything, aided by ModTheSims2, a site I’ve not returned to since 2009 and never will again.

Here’s the evidence :  http://www.mediafire.com/?zjni2kiayj3

A missing piece: http://www.mediafire.com/?vyjinqmiiy2 (note reference to risky woohoo etc.)


As for AD85 (sufferer) and ModTheSims2, voodoo on them.

And anybody who knows me,

knows that my voodoo works.


For real.

You better believe it.

Darkpool (aka Lostaccount … Dizzymental), writing from somewhere in Lemington Spa these days. Though not for long, as I plan to move back to Kingston, Jamaica, where I was born. Moved to the UK when I was sixteen to work for a computer game company. Time to go home though, me thinks. Soon.

One final thing I meant to add but forgot: none of this is directed at Twallan (Nraas supercomputer etc). http://ts3.tscexchange.com/ …. He’s a talented modder with his own agenda and despite what Simbology and others tried to stir up with their rumour-mill bullshit, I never thought badly of the guy. In fact, I’ve always been a fan of his mods. IMO he is the ultimate sims 3 modder. So, that sets the record straight.

******you don’t have to include your email to leave a comment. I’ve turned that option off*****

And thanks to certain someone who sent me pages she’d found of my old posts and stuff. Keep them coming. For anyone else,  if you come across any old posts of mine, drop me the link you found. Thanks.

All we need is some GTA carjacking in the sims and it would be perfect 🙂  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOkdiR4D6vk

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101 Responses to Why I quit modding The Sims 3

  1. Len says:

    Hey dude. Thx for the uploads. I’m getting the xp soon and could you please please please upload ambitions version of your old TabooLite mod. Or send me in an email. I promise I won’t share.

  2. Xenoware says:

    I posted your link on Sexysims2 and they removed it with some bullshit remarks about duplicating usernames or something. Hyperfit or whoever he/she is has it in for you. I wasn’t sure what to make of you blog at first but now I believe everything you write because I have seen it for myself. God those people on Sexysims2 are really really paranoid. My advice is that you should forget about those losers and move on with your life. Good luckand God bless.

    • lostaccount says:

      Yep, ain’t they just sour, bitter bitches all over. Thx for the advice but you’re not the first to tell me that. Doesn’t bother me anymore. I’m leaving this blog here as proof and for other “new” modders to read. They need to know what they’re getting into. My advice to them, as I mentioned, is not to share mods. Don’t do it. You’ll regret it. Sites like ModThesims2 exploit young talented sims modders (they make money from their sites, of course) and when they’ve done with you, they’ll deny you. Don’t trust them. Mod the sims for yourself. Before I split for Kingston, and leave all this shit behind me forever, I’ll post some tutorial on how to mod sims, script mods etc. for new modders. But heed my warning, mod the game for yourself. Forget about the assholes running the sim sites – and you know who I mean.

      Peace, man.

      • Xenoware says:

        I really do believe the people at modthesims2 and sexysims2 are retarded folk. They believe I’m pat30 now and banned me. Are they all on drugs over there? I think so. They ban anyone who says anything to help you. Why don’t they check my IP address. Stupid, motherfuckers. I hate them too now.

  3. George says:

    I can understand your frustration, but your beef is with the sims 3 modding community not the sims 3 players who began using your mod long ago. We used it and became so used to having it that playing the game without it wasn’t fun anymore. I never used EGC, quite frankly I was unaware it even existed. I used Inteen because I wanted my sims to be able to interact with each other and have families, (male pregnancy). I wanted to be able to move my teens out if I wanted to. I wanted many other things that Inteen allowed me to have. And then.. all of the sudden without warning, the Inteen mod stopped being updated. I held off patching my sims3 for a quite awhile waiting for the update to Inteen so I could load the EA patches and bring my game up to date and no mod was forthcoming. Then, after quite some time Baxim posted the new Inteen with the tunable core. This mod was even better than the old Inteen since it allowed you to pick and choose features you wanted to load through the tunable core. I was really happy as I can imagine many other sims 3 players were. Then along comes Ambitions and the whole thing stops working ,, again… and now we wait… For some EA patch that may or may not come. Well, that is the excuse anyway.

    Wouldn’t it have been better if instead of bickering on MTS you posted your mods on your own website. Heck, you could have charged a fee for Inteen. I know I would have paid and I would imagine many other sims 3 players would have also. I had hope for Twallans mods, but come to find out.. the teen stuff does not work unless you already have a teen pregnancy mod and of course we do not.

    So in closing here. You intended to hurt the sims 3 modders, but the only people you hurt were the sims 3 players, who know nothing about modding. Quite frankly, I never saw any other mods other than yours, but I only went to one site, which was sexysims2. I wish you luck in your future endeavors and I guess I will have to learn to enjoy my sims 3 without an Inteen mod. Remember you are not hurting the sims 3 modding community. They will go on as they always have, but you are hurting all the sims 3 players who supported your Inteen mod.

    • lostaccount says:

      George, thanks for your comments. I’m sorry you feel that way. And I hope for your sake and for the players that Baxim keeps updating the Inteen mods. I was just a player once remember, until I crossed over into modding, so I know how you feel. Maybe I should have just stayed on the other side. My real beef, as you point out, is not with the sims community of players but with modthesims2 and a certain “small” circle of modders. Pardon my French, but the modthesims2 site is run by arseholes who care only about making money. If they’re so magnanimous, why don’t they remove all their ads and stop asking for donates? I don’t think I could ever have charged for the mods because I’m just not that greedy or selfish. I appreciate you posting, and please don’t believe all the crap about duplicate accounts. That’s a trick Modthesims2 are using to try to deflect the issue. Anyone who sticks up for me is accused of being me. It’s an old trick admins use on forums to dishonour someone, but it’s well sussed. I’ve not been back to the site since 2009 and do not intend to return.

      You see, I feel as if they crapped all over me, so you can understand why I’ve lost trust in sharing the stuff. Thanks again for your post. I hope Baxim keeps updating for you. And of course if you get pleasure out of using AD85’s version of my mod, then so be it. If I think back to why I started, it was to share my mods with the sims players, so I suppose even though much of what I’ve done has been stolen/rewritten/warmed-over/copied/provided inspiration for, in the end it’s still being enjoyed by the sims players. That’s something to think about.

      • Kitty says:

        Darkpool, people were upset because they wanted to be the first to create an inteen especially those that created the original inteen. And, you are not the first. Jealousy runs high amongst those in the sims modding community. You should have realized that before you even jumped in. Why majority of sites are shutdown. Jealousy it kills the mod sites fast. EA created the one core mod since it would bind the communities as one. EA was dead wrong it now diversifies the mod community even more. Always protect your intellectual property. So you can sue from now on and create your own mod site.

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  5. socurious says:

    I went looking for you @ MTS but there wasn’t much left. I didn’t understand why, but now I do. You really do have a lot of supporters. I’m sorry you have had such a bitter experience. It is a shame that all the best creators for the game are eventually chased off by a few creeps. I hope you don’t stay burned. Keep the faith!

  6. isjessy says:

    What MTS2 and SS2 put you through is a bunch of bull. I know that MTS2 still has one or two of your posts up, but it’s hard to tell what they’ve added and taken away to make it seem like you just didn’t WANT to come back and keep updating mods. That is ashame though, I really loved your abortion clinic and teen woohoo mods. I still have them installed, but I guess after I get Ambitions I’ll have to delete those :-[
    I am sorry for what they did and really, they need the site shut down. Personally I don’t think if they can run it, they should have it. But I do have one question, why not make your own site, post your stuff? Of course, I guess the other modders COULD still get a hold of it, and still post it as they’re own. I don’t know. All I know is that I wish you the best of luck with whatever comes your way.

    Liite &+ Luv

    • lostaccount says:

      By bunch of bull I take it you mean what they did is disgusting?
      Thanks for your post. Others have also suggested I create my own site and put my mods there (I have some animation stuff for Sims 3 that I’m working on) but I honestly don’t think I want to have anything to do with the sims modding community ever again. The whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth and I’m happier now that I’m writing code for a living, and in the evenings messing around with the sims 3 core for myself, the way it was in the beginning. A lot less pressure too. The updating of Inteen in the early days last year was hectic because very few people out there could help me because hardly anybody at that time knew anything about how it was done. In general the sims 3 modding knowledge was thin on the ground – the game had only been out a month at that stage, remember? I had my TeenWoohoo mod out within the month of the game’s release and within weeks my Inteen followed. Nobody thought anything like that was possible so soon. I’d jumped in the deep end, feet first, right at the start. It’s easier for the sims 3 modders now, since they have the hindsight of everything I’ve done to look over, which I know led to EGC being created and other similiar mods. If I hadn’t done all that hard work in the start when nobody knew anything (well, Pescado had awesome mod of course so he knew, but then he always does, lol) … if I hadn’t done all that hard work on Inteen/Teenwoohoo, the sims 3 mods you have now wouldn’t be around … well perhaps the modders would have worked it out themselves in the end but players would have had much longer to wait. Although I still doubt that modders would have figured it out unless I’d pointed the way.

      I mean take the Teen bed sharing problem as an example. I sussed that early on, and fixed it in all of my mods by the second versions. It was a staple fix in every version afterwards. Teens in my mods could share beds regardless of the bed. Most sims 3 modders still don’t know how to do this simple thing (despite my tutorial on the subject at Sexysims3 last year) and when they do it (as in some other modders versions of my TeenWoohoo) they still get it wrong and have it working with some beds only (non-store beds etc.).. But there are still people out there who wrongly believe that my mods don’t have teen bed sharing when in fact it was something that I fixed in my mods early on. See, a lot of myths were created by the modders I mentioned in my homepage from certain sites and they kept on pounding out the lies day after day after day. They still do.

      These “modders” should remember that without what I’d done early on they’d still be lagging far far behind or have no sims 3 teen/romance core mods at all before they think about slagging me off. It’s all too easy for them to say it’s simple – in hindsight. Ungrateful lot that they are.

      Well I’m fed up complaining (and anyway I have plenty of fans who’ve done enough complaining on my behalf in the last few weeks, or so I’m told).

      Anyway, thanks for your support and kind remarks. Good luck to you too.

  7. Homercles says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the fun your inteen mod added back in Sims 2 – and Sims 3 apparently, though I missed all that, not being an avid Sims 3 player like I was Sims 2. I play it off and on and it was just now by chance that I came across your blog here and learned what happened to you.

    I also wanted to say I am personally sorry that you were so disabused by the very community you freely shared these gems with.

    I have watched the internet grow since around 1991 – yeah yeah, I predicted that it would stay text-based – who’d want to download all those images, hehe.

    What really strikes me is how it’s grown ruder and ruder as well as bigger and bigger. Stories like this remind me why I simply lurk now. No matter what you say, someone will take offense at it and rant and rave. No matter what you freely offer, people will always want more, better and faster – with little to no thanks given.

    So.. thanks again for sharing what you did, and I can fully empathize with your decision to withdraw from the community at large. It’s their loss more than yours.

    I wish you all the best in the future and will stay posted to see if the community somehow makes amends to you and you decide to participate again. I can’t see the point, really, but maybe something will happen to surprise us both!

    • lostaccount says:

      Wise words, friend.

      I agree with you; perhaps the seeming freedom of internet posting acts like a magnifying glass, revealing true character. Sadly if that’s true, judging by the rubbishing that goes on in forums , it doesn’t say much for humanity.

      Tanks for your post. Peace

  8. ShotgunShell says:

    Thanks for everything lostaccount! It really sucks it all panned out this way I actually know your pain very well! You have at least left us a great legacy! Just know the most of the players ( the ones who are worth anything at least! ) know the truth! Thanks again!

  9. DEBBIE says:

    i just wanted to say it sucks that you have given up modding, but it was great while it lasted and for that i want to say a big thank you.

  10. Johnny says:

    Damm :/ i can’t belive what people do just to get some goddam credit, seriously. i know you said you wouldn’t share your mods anymore but can you please email me your teen mod that works with ambitions? i promisse i won’t share. but nevertheless even if you don’t give it to me i will still say thank you for all your hard work and i hope those retards that sent you hatemail for no stupid reason just drop dead

  11. Paulina Acevedo says:

    Hi… I’m a big fan of you and your mods and I hate what they’ve done to you >=( …
    I want to thank you for your work, I still have your Inteen 3 for WA and I love it =)

    Well… I hope that those stupid and envious modders realize that they’ll never do what you’ve done and maybe someday you could feel safe again at sharing your work…



  12. Bekah. says:

    I’ve been looking for a mod for teen pregnancy, and i came across a post on modthesims3.org .. I feel so bad for you cause some loser wanted to be in the spotlight, and stole your mods. Is your mod still available? I only have the sims3 game and updated it with the last patch. But thats it.. I really want to be able to make myself in the game.. I know eh? Why would I do that when I can be someone else! But I really want to, and I was a teen mom.. soo I would like the mod that does that. I’m pretty sure I can install it properly, or at least I really hope so. But anyways, I wish you all the best and hope you sometime decide to have your own website and can post your mods. Maybe make it so gamers have to join and be approved. Again I wish you the best of luck and hope all is well. 🙂

  13. a mts2 user, and frequent sims 3 player. says:

    i’ve read all of this, and first of all i would just like to thank you for becoming a modder for the sims 3, and i think your past programming experience had a lot to do with your success in manipulating the game. i’m also very glad that you’ve posted your side of the story. i was noticing on modthesims2 that your stuff was starting to get marked for deletion. i couldn’t help but wonder why. but then i came across your very interesting story. i believe 100% that the modders were jealous of you. i mean, even if i were a modder, then i could see myself having a bit of envy for you as well. you have mad skills when it comes to modding! i’m very glad you’ve figured out everything and you’ve been able to accomplish what you were working on, such as teen pregnancy and the other things you’ve mentioned. i just want you to know that, no matter how furious the modding websites are with you (moreawesomethanyou, simbology, modthesims) , that the players who have read this {such as myself} will always know the truth. i think it’s good that you have the people who enjoyed your mods on your side. but with people who do the same thing as you (such as modding), i think it will always be a constant competition. i’m sorry about what happened, that’s extremely unfortunate in your case. and i respect your wishes to discontinue sharing your mods.

    as a player who has enjoyed playing with your mods immensely, though (and who has been appreciative of your updates and improvements), i was hoping that i could be one of the individuals that you share your inteen 3 mod, updated for ambitions with? i know you are the original creator, and i would hate to download the stolen version that’s being updated by a.. lesser modder, as you would call them.

    i’d also like to keep in touch, and maybe talk about some of the things you’ve come up with. personally, i think you’re brilliant and as a player i really enjoy the additions that you add to the game. i’m happy to hear that you are sharing your mods, but only to individual people who you were close to. i think that’s a great idea.

    but it’s also totally up to you if you want to do this. please get back to me and maybe i could tell you my email, if it already doesn’t show up here. thanks for reading. 🙂

  14. Okay I know you have retired, but i believe you are the only person who could help me with your mod… well I been tryin to get my teen sim preg for months now and well… it aint working… I downloded the fold and put it in my mod folder but it keeps telling me that it can’t open it up. All the icons are plain white paper and at the end of every one it still says package file. IDK what else to do… I need help…big time…. Please help me…

  15. mizumizu says:

    First off, if you can figure out how to make this amazingly confusing game work outside the already bothersome and irritatingly glitchy parameters you are a bloody genius. Seriously, that is amazing.

    And secondly, I can’t believe that people can be such wankers. Should they not be praising you for finding new ways to work through the game that they can’t? Honestly. They’re just jealous bitches who can’t code on their own. It’s bullshit that your work was stolen, and technically because you wrote it originally and you have all the original work it’s copyrighted (so you could hunt them down and sue them…. just saying).

    Keep modding for yourself man!! Your mods were awesome!

  16. E says:

    It’s such a shame how the genuinely talented people are always run over by the incredibly less talented and unimaginative folk.

    I just came across your blog this morning while in search for your Inteen 3. I haven’t installed any game mods to allow teen pregnancy because the only ones available are totally confusing and have a crapload of other stuff that’s unnecessary. Plus they completely conflict with the CAS Sliders I live by.

    Aside from my disappointment that I won’t be able to download a *QUALITY* mod that gets the job done, I’m even more bummed about the reason why.

    I know this doesn’t compare, but I used to design web layouts and graphics for the online RPG community of AOL and AIM. I don’t know if you’re familiar with that, but when I used to play no one had even thought of creating websites or graphic design for the game. Then I got bored and taught myself HTML, DHTML, and Photoshop from scratch and used it for my characters. And not to toot my own horn, but I was good. I was creative in ways that no one else had thought of ten years ago. A sixteen year old nerd with too much time on her hands learned to code websites and HTML like a second language. (I typed out my own codes by hand for every new layout I created.)

    And then what happened? Jealousy. The only emotion the majority of assholes out there feel when they come in contact with something they could never imagine or accomplish themselves. And you know what comes next, of course. The ever unflattering forms of “interpretation” or “imitation.” Which by the way, I think is bullshit. Flatter me by coming up with your own shit, not by copying me.

    Before I knew it, all my coding, stylesheets, graphic design ideas, color schemes, EVEN ENTIRE WEBSITES were stolen and put up elsewhere as if it was someone else’s work. It was sad.

    Since then, I’ve stopped playing in the RPG community and no longer design websites. The vultures took all the fun out of it for me. If I dabble in Photoshop, it’s to crop and sharpen my Sims 3 pics for stories or my own amusement.

    I’ve been sharing some pics of my Sims 3 builds on a forum as of late and a lot of people have been requesting to download them, but I’m so weary of sharing my creativity with anyone since my previous experience. It’s definitely not a good feeling when you see your work and imagination being manipulated by someone else.

    So, after this whole long ass post, all I really wanted to say was.. I feel you!! If you don’t feel the urge to share your mods with the world, don’t. They’re YOURS. Enjoy them to the fullest without the unnecessary drama that comes with sharing them. Share them with the people you trust and that’s it.

    I do hope others learn from your experience and are careful about the way in which they share their creations. Being burned like this totally sucks.


  17. A Sims3 player says:

    Wow… I’ve read everything and I feel so disgusted with myself…
    I mean I didn’t do anything wrong, since I’m just a gamer but I know I always used your mods. And for a long time, I didn’t see any updates (either on MTS or SS2) so I thought you just quit modding or couldn’t/wouldn’t do the next version.
    I waited a while but I was used to your mods and without them, the game wasn’t this fun anymore.
    I discovered -by chance- the EGC by AD85 and thought it was similar to your mods. That’s why I began to use it and even to do some translations for him (and Baxim too).
    I didn’t know what you had gone trough and I used the EGC, as a dumb consumer. That’s why I’m feeling quite guilty and I want to apologize to you. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation…
    I wanted to check your abortion clinic. That’s how I saw half of your mods were removed on MTS and how I ended up here, believing your side of the story (I’ve already seen some similar stories with the community…).
    If you’re interested, AD85 gives you credit in his “Read me” file. (I just checked).

    However, you did/do an awesome job with the sim3 and you’ve really improved this game. So, as a gamer, I really want to thank you!!

    I think you should go on with your own life, as you do. What the community did to you is… unbelievable. They’re the lowest… and I try to stay courteous 😀
    Don’t give up modding because of some envious people… You don’t have to share it, since I know how much it’s frustrating to see your own work and your own efforts stolen but just don’t give up your hobby because of them, they really don’t deserve it.

    The sims3 players won’t forget your hard work 🙂

  18. Michelle says:

    Sorry to hear wrongly you were treated. I really enjoyed your mods; they added more reality to my Sims 3 game. I haven’t found anyone else who has done as well as you did. Thank for your great work.

    Peace and Comfort,

  19. Daphoenyx says:

    I can’t believe I’m reading this… 😥

    I have spent the past four hours trying to relocate “the mod I downloaded a while ago I don’t remember exactly where, to overhaul kin-related relationships” (since I was playing a reconstruction of some royal families of the past, and obviously there marriages with cousins, uncles, brother-in-laws, etc. and that “Ubertaboo” thing was awesome). One of the many times I had to uninstall the game and reinstall it, I decided to keep it out and put it later, after I finished fixing some issues with the game.

    So I kept looking and looking everywhere but I couldn’t even find a small mention of it in ModTheSims (weird!), until I read here:
    with the last post of HystericalParoxysm: “Lostaccount, if you return and update this, please PM me and I will untag it.”. making it look like you suddenly left out of the blue, without any reason to do so.

    Since I couldn’t believe that one modder, after all the effort put in making something, would disappear just like that, I googled “Lostaccount” and finally found this! I read your story… And what can I say… 😥 I’m very sad, not only cause I won’t be able to play that neighborhood anymore, but also because the whole Sims 3 players’ community lost someone very valuable (you really could make things that no one else did before!).

    I also looked for the “rubbishy, ripped-off, slow-your-computer-down, dogshit” copies of your excellent work, but I didn’t even feel like downloading them.

    So here it is… I’m sorry you’ve felt so bad about all this (well of course it’s understandable!)…

  20. Hannah says:

    oh man, i reinstalled sims 3 and i hadn’t known that your download was no longer available. i’m terribly sorry they stole your work, that sucks.

  21. Bella Jean says:

    You are truly a brilliant creator and it is just ridiculous how unappreciative and rude some people are. Thank you for all of your creations that you have made for us, you did truly change the game! I hope that everything starts looking up for you and I am sorry that you had to deal with that BULLSH!T. Thank you again for everything & I hope you have great luck working you’re voodoo magic!!!
    -Bella Jean

  22. Lizzi says:

    Wow, that’s really sad. I would have loved to enjoy your mods, but completely understand your reasons not to share.

    It such a shame that hard work is always undermined by people like this.

  23. Rhiannon says:

    Urgh. That’s so low of the other mods. Sorry that happened to you. 😦

    But I couldn’t help but smile when I read that you said your voodoo works. My dad does voodoo too, so I know what you mean.

    Thanks for your mods! You’ll always be the first truely skilled, Sims 3 Mod to me!

  24. It’s ridiculous how you’ve been treated after all you’ve done for Sims fans, you should know though, that there are quite a few of us who do really appreciate all that you’ve done for our game play. I do hope you’ve not had to take anymore of their crap since, you don’t deserve it!

    Geli Ruin x

  25. Dontgiveup says:

    Dear Lostaccount-

    You have made great steps in the Sims 3 modding world and no one shall forget that. You are truly amazing and probably the number one modder. You may never see this or read this, you may not even care anymore. You left in silence and you left giving all of us tears in our eyes. I do know its been months since you even got a comment and i understand you left your public stand but I wish to say this: You shouldnt give up, you can’t let these snotty bs people take what you care so mucha bout what you proud yourself on, this is yours and It is what matters to you and you should fight for that, i know for a fact thousands and thousands of people would be behind you. Your not alone and you havent missed your chance to come back and take what is yours back. They may have stole your works, your prize but they didnt earn it you did, so you can still take that away from that piss them off like, you can have the last word and you can have what is yours, I believe this and I would bet a million dollars other people do to. You just have to trust yourself and trust the people who admire you and you can be amazing again, you can have what is yours and be able to share it with people who care about you and your works, your trupent victories that you worked so hard to make happen; that is what truly could happen if you just try


  26. Erin Jackson says:

    I absolutely love your mods. I visit your site all the time whenever I get confused about stuff. Lol 🙂 I’d love for you to e-mail or Facebook me! 🙂

  27. FFR says:

    I quit playing TS3 a while ago due to the Crash To Desktop plague. I think I finally got it fixed…and I was sad to see my favorite modder had quit. I understand completely, tho. If you ever decide to start modding again, let me know. Your mods were my absolute favorite.

  28. Christina says:

    People like you took a game that starts with a C and make it an A for me. the mods on the game make it infinitely better! I loved all of your hardwork and creations and don’t apologize or minimize your fury for people jacking your hard work. You have every right to be angry, and I would be too! I am really sorry you aren’t modding anymore I always loved your work! I hadn’t played in about a year (having a life outside of the sims is not possible for me when I am playing the sims) and this weekend was bored as heck and wanted to play! And I went to download your mod and it was gone! It breaks my heart, but good luck to you and I am glad to hear you are still playing the sims 3 on your own and enjoying your stuff on your own!

  29. Evil Jason says:

    I am disgusted that those sites didn’t back you up.
    I have recently started scripting my own mods for the Sims 3 (I have scripted for many other games in the past.) and after having read your story, I will think twice before sharing them now.

  30. DesiRenee says:

    Wow. I had no idea you were the orginal creator of Inteen 3.. I loved that mod. When the game first came out i used your abortion mod.. I wish it was still updated. Shame on them! Thank you for making wonderful mods(:

  31. Lewis says:

    Wow, Lostaccount. Long time no speak! Remember me? Lewis? I was one of your very first friends from your very first release. I have been doing so much around the internet and I forgot about the sims 3 mods outside of the modthesims. I went searching the internet and came accross this site, and to be honest I am so glad I found you. Its been such a long time, but at a cost – To find that people have ripped and stolen your content, and then to not give credit, to dispise you, and to treat you like shit. MTS Network don’t understand the word community in my opinion. A community is where people of all talents and personalities come together, In a unique way, so unique that everyone is different, yet respect each other like they are simular, as if they were family. Father and Son. Brothers even. Now I realise how artists feel when their work is being stolen by torrent sites and p2p sites.

    What is the internet in this world? Is it even possible to define the true meaning? The internet has so many different people. Friendly, Skilled, Talented, and Unique like yourself, and yet its like a whole new side of the internet, full of hackers, pedos, scammers, spammers, theifs and failures. Every regular user of the world wide web will become a victim to the dark side of it at some time, sometimes just as little as scamming you 10 pence of ebay. Such problems are just tiny, and just cause a user to maybe stop a few days, file a scam report to ebay, then get buying again, but sadly the problem became a crisis for you and is something much more great.

    I wish you extremely well in your future career, and hopefully one day you will recieve great and worldwide success in your reality career. One day, you will be able to rise above the freaks and theifs and show them you succeed, with a gazillion quid in your bank, while they are still stuck to their chairs ripping and stealing mods for the sims 4 (if it will exist one day…) earnings nothing, perhaps one day in prison.#

    On last tihng, In the future I will be creating a website and a TRUE community (One with trust, respect and moderation for all users that show the same thing in return), that will be against all of the evil side of the internet. Hackers, Spammers, Scammers, Pedos, Theifs, Frauds (Yes, There is a difference between frauds and scammers :P), and other threats of the internet, you name it. I personally invite you to a senior/high management position on this forum. See below for more information.

    Anyway, Good luck with everything. As I said, we were great friends from your very first release. I am unsure if you will remember me, but I ask if you could please send me an email/add me to msn. You should be able to see my email I entered – If you do get in contact, then we can discuss the creation and administration of this possible future website.

    It does not matter how late you reply to this, (as the last comment was a very long time ago), I will always be ready.

    Kind Regards,


    Oh, and Happy new year!

    • lostaccount says:

      Thanks, friend. Been away a long time. Made peace with things, in a way. I came to realise that I had more friends out there than I knew or appreciated. Hope you got your site up and running, would love to check in on it, although I can’t promise I’ll ever get back to modding again. Seems like I never have the time these days. Peace. 🙂

  32. hawkeye says:

    i used to use your inteen and after you disapeared they posted a load of bullshit . i will never use pescados awsomemod ,as he is a selfrightous tosser who imposses his rules on your game . ppft
    i even took a look at what baxin was doing and tbh i didnt like it . in the end i went with twallan and his Nraas mods . and the fact that you support him fully here has made my day . his stuff reminds alot of your stuff in the way he does what he wants and gives the rest of the modders the bird. and he gives gamers like me exactly what i want . Its a shame you 2 couldnt team up you would more than probably make all the other modders look like total morons
    but when money gets in the way this crap happens . forget them man chill out and have fun in your life
    as for me thankyou for the memories from your mod darkpool , it was VERY much appreciated by myself

  33. hunnydipp says:

    Your awesome and They’re just losers and hate to admit to it and the Website you posted the Mod on is Impossible to Register for :/

  34. Tim Eastman says:

    I’ve tried several times to register at moreawesomethanyou.com and the bastards keep popping up that I can’t register because I look like a spammer. WTF is that bullshit? And what’s up with the dumbass Monty Python questions when trying to register? There must be a user friendly site that you can upload your mod to or at least something like rapidshare.

  35. Anonymous says:

    aw i read your journal

    that is really mean of them

    i am not an it expert but i know how hard it was to create something like that. Dont let them kill your creativity, they only jealous i think. you got my cheer

  36. chantelly says:

    I just wanted to let you know that last week hell froze over. So come back now please?

    and yes I did have part of hell freezing over…I took the ice queen down there to do it just so that you can come back

  37. bailey says:

    Wow! I was reading this and your MODS sound great.. It sucks how people are so jealous of someone making progress. I would have loved to have your Mods they sound GOOD. Too bad I missed the. 🙂 But I’m happy you succeeded in Modding the sims. Keep the good work up!

  38. a sims 3 player says:

    they take down the vid

  39. tamie says:

    mayb u could create ur own site where its up to u who does what then the thieves could b banned and u can b safe in modding so could every1 else

  40. Kimbytns says:

    You’re kidding me!!! So that’s why you aren’t modding anymore? That is just ridiculous, juvenille behaviour. Seriously, what is wrong with people?
    I, for one, am very upset. My poor same-sex attracted sims are now destined to forever remain childless 😦

  41. Anonymous says:

    I am glad I read this post.

    I agree that MTS folks seem to be a bit full of themselves as I have experienced it. They act like they knew everything there is about modding and talk down to people like we are in kindergarten. There is one of their moderator who was always helpful in posts asking for help (and we know how buggy this game is). This person 90% of the time suggested that “your CPU/video card is overheating” even without enough information to conclude otherwise. When I posted for help diagnosing crashing problem in TS3, I was told right into my face that my CPU was overheating, when I have been working in IT for 10 years, I knew for sure that wasn’t the case.

    It turned into a big fuss where they talked down to me like I was in ungrateful brat. It turned out, by searching the posts made by this moderator, he would suggest almost right off the bat to anyone asking for help that “your CPU must be overheating”. They have deleted my post, or I could have linked it here. I told them “How come every game runs fine but TS3 crashed?” and got this answer “Maybe your computer over overheats when you play TS3”.

    I still frequent MTS for mods and stuff so I prefer not to review my name. I second you are those people at MTS2 are rather egoistic and self centered. Although it came as a surprise to me that they disregarded your complaint toward people pirating your work. They always act very strict about uploads and giving proper credits.

  42. Case says:

    I remember back in 2009, using your mods! I loved them! Then sadly I had to reformat my laptop and lost everything and by that time everything went to hell, now I don’t have half the mods I use to. The good ones at least. I don’t blame you for quitting though 🙂 I appreciated all your work!

  43. zymish says:

    I’m not sure what to say. I was playing with the configuration file for Awesomemod and noticed that teen woohoo isn’t enabled with it, so naturally I went sniffing around for InTeen, only to find that ModTheSims no longer had the threads up. I did a quick google search and found this page.

    There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said. I’m shocked that some people can be that way – or at least I wish I could be; sadly, it’s almost to be expected these days. But like so many others, I wanted to express my appreciation for your mods and my chagrin at seeing them go. I tried getting it from moreawesomethanyou, but I’m not allowed to view the post… terribly disappointing. Then there’s the fact that, even if I did get a copy, I plan on getting Generations pretty soon and I can’t reasonably expect anyone to have an updated copy of the mod. But, if it’s not too much trouble, is there any chance you can point me to one that’s updated at least to just before Generations?

    Either way, thanks for your time. You put a lot of hard work into your mods – I remember being unable to play Sims 2 without them – and many of us are deeply grateful for it.

  44. Anonymous says:

    It’s a shame you stopped modding. Those people critizing should mind their own business. If someone wants to post a mod, they should just except it and move on with their life. Unfortunately it never works lke that in this world for some God aweful reason. I apologize in place of all the ignorant people who sent you hate mail and were causing you problems.

  45. KannO says:

    PLease don’t leave us !!!

  46. Anonymous says:

    I really miss your stuff!!! Sims isn’t the same and frankly I’m getting tired of the same ole ole, I look up to you in so many ways and eventually in the near future I may start modding my own game just for me if I can ever really learn but I support your decision and why you left it behind I hope one day the mod com. will get their dicks outta eachothers asses for 5 seconds to realize that what their doing is wrong and I hope when that day comes we may see more genius mods from ya

    – All the best Tiffany

  47. StoppedModding@Sims2 says:

    I wouldn’t worry about Simbology. I mean, seriously – the main posters are an old lady who can’t control herself and some hostile dipshit called Boiling Oil who thinks meddling with others work is “modding”. What a bunch of cunts.

  48. Bambi says:

    Makes me really sad cause I loved your mod. 😦 and I hate ad85’s mod..its really buggy, I’m waiting on Baxim’s currently, as I can choose from his what packages I want, and no buggy crap like ad85’s! 😦

    I’d like to thank you for all the work you did, awesome job ❤
    May karma get the jealous mod stealers 😉


  49. Lisette says:

    Your mods were the best and such good quality, never caused glitches 🙂 you should start your own modding site and make the most of your talents! Wish I could get my hands on your mods now instead of the crappy ones on all the sims sites 😦
    Wishing you the best

  50. Snowberrie says:

    I understand what you are saying completely. People are so lazy and underhanded. I just recently started learning how to mod my sim3 game, and I have immense respect for what you are able to do!! I am struggling to even understand the basics, and I am fairly intelligent. Hopefully one day it will click for me. Your mods sound really neat, I applaud all of your hard work.

  51. Christina says:

    Hey thanks for being so honest with us. I keep trying to get this mod for my sims but unforunately the site seems to think I “look like a spammer” and refuses to accept my application. Still this would be an amazing mod. And I give props to all the modders out there, my sims game would suck without you all 🙂 I am hella addicted 😛

  52. Newbie says:

    I had NO idea crap like this happened. I knew MATY had manner and anger issues with beginners and picked fights for no reason, but Modthesims? Its unbelievable…the disrespect and cruelty.
    I personally want to thank you for trying to make all our sim worlds better–not all of us are Computer Techies. Or are savy with script and programming.

    The truth should be known.

    I’ve been wondering for months what had happened to the Mod…I thought you had just stopped updating it because of sheer boredom or laziness. And that is what they want us to think.

    They should have thanked you and treated you with great respect. I think I’m most disappointed with Modthesims on that note. They usually claim to be friendly and welcoming. I’ve learnt most of my simming techniques from them. (I’m on year 3 of simming).

    Good for you for moving on. Hate the players, not the game. 🙂

    You are skilled and brilliant and will not be forgotten. You may be lost, but the fog will lift…
    I wish I could be as brave and noble as you have been throughout this entire ordeal.

    We (your admirers) will miss you dearly and wish you happiness in your work and play.


  53. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that takes me back. I remember things like this before modding another game. I made the effort to figure something out, it wasn’t really hard. Some pretenders felt that I should just spill it all to them so they could steal the ideas. Truth is I even had a hint in my sig on the forum that almost told them the answer but they were too lazy to think for themselves. Didn’t they think it was odd that I kept referring to “the 38-fingered Neptunians” ?
    Anyway, ignore them and enjoy life.


  54. Hi there, I read your post and I totally agree! The Internet is becoming a cesspit for all the defects of the earth to come and make aggressive remarks and statement for honest working and good intentioned people like us.

    It makes find charms like this community on this site even more sweeter. 🙂 I saw your blog looking for C tutorials. I admire your beginning c# scripting tutorial. Out of all the pompous and over complicated tutorials yours were simple and simply fun to read! It was surely a load off my back because prior to this I was attempting to make a personal game with all these game engines out there that were way to complicated for a newbie like myself.

    If I had to do programming I would love to do AI and the sims 3 seems like a excellent place to do so! (Aside from those angry modder community you talked about) but I digress.

    Heh I had an idea of making a morality system for the sims and adding elements in vigilantism, hero, villain, or rogue. Basically I want the sims to think about two decisions and make the right one based on its most efficient choice for that situation and their own personally moral system. (Who knows the right can be a bad thing but for them it is right).

    Funny thing I was inspired by a movie in the 1990s called the crow which had a similar premise but I was hoping to implement a supernatural, random circumstances (Grim reaper I am looking at you) so they can redeem themselves before their time to do so is up.)

    I would love to make this once I overocme my C programming woes 😦 Oh well one can dream.

    But thanks for proving that not everyone online is a sicko 🙂

  55. Anonymous says:

    Damn, and here I was thinking EA was the only bad guy. Thanks for sharing your story I had no idea such things happened and I’m guessing most gamers don’t either.

  56. lostaccount says:

    Still hundreds of comments to approve. Gonna take longer than I thought. My old lostaccount inbox is creaking; I think it’s gonna blow. 🙂

  57. This really makes me sad. To know that my game could’ve been 10x’s better than it is. I had no idea MTS2 acted in such a way, but then again I’m not really into the whole Sims Community thing. Now that I see what goes on, I think I made a good decision by keeping to myself.

    Never got a chance to experience your work. Just now finding out about this mod lol. I hope one day you do return to the modding world. or at least upload Inteen 3 again (I can dream). The Sims 3 Community really has lost a great talent.

  58. Anne Ominous says:

    I just reinstalled my Sims 3 game after leaving it sit on the shelf for the past 2 years. When I first got the game there wasn’t much I could do but play the game raw, EA style. I grew bored very quickly and missed all my old Sims 2 stuff. I uninstalled it and put it away. The other day I saw that Sims Social Facebook game and decided I’d like to give my Sims 3 another chance.

    For the past 2 days I’ve been downloading and modding my game like crazy. Yet, there is this one mod I want badly and it’s unavailable. A modder by the name of Count Johnny has made something called Inteen + No Shoo, which basically combines your Inteen 3 and NoShooMod by BailaBaila99. Problem is, I cannot use it without Inteen 3. He even posts a link and mentions to thank you:

    “You’ll need to download the Uber Taboo and No Jealousy flavour of Inteen 3 first. (Quick download link.) Don’t forget to thank both Darkpool and BailaBaila99 for doing all the work originally.”

    And yet, there is no thread there when you click his link. I just posted this issue in the Site Issues area and then went looking for it on another site. Since I am new to the online Sims 3 modding communities, I had no idea all this drama went down. I didn’t find the Inteen 3 Uber Taboo, just a lot of links pointing to that deleted thread. Then this article showed up. I’m so very sorry I was too late to enjoy this, and even more sorry that it happened at all.

    • lostaccount says:

      Yeah I remember the noshoo version. That was back in the early days.

      All my old inteen mods were either removed though by the people who own the sites or I had them removed after rowing with the site owners and shit, lol.

      But your comment reminds me that not all the modders I met back then were a part of the modding cult community and not all of them were bad.


  59. Vicki Horn says:

    I am sorry you had to go through all this. I love being able to make my game more “real”. And I have no clue how to mod. I just wanted to let you know that your work was greatly appreciated.

  60. Crystal says:

    I found this blog months ago and I’m STILL aghast at what they did. Not because I didn’t expect people to do that, but mostly because I’m surprised that that many people haven’t actually grown a pair(or two). You are a great modder and it’s a shame you won’t be posting up anything anymore. I wish I knew how to mod my own game but I’m no good at stuff like that :-/ I guess I’ll have to live with virgin teen sims 😀

  61. Tav says:

    Dude, I tried to register at http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/smf/index.php/topic,15488.0.html but now the site believes I am a spammer, maybe because I tried to answer the swallow question more than 3 times. Anyways, dude, I have used your mods for both sims 2 and now sims 3 but I had to re-install sims 3 and I cant find your mods anywhere. Please help me. Tell me what i need to do to use your inteen 3 mod or else sims 3 is going to suck ass.

  62. ChibiPrincess says:

    Man, that sucks! You were doing all this great stuff, and those jerks ruined it for you! I’m a (rookie) writer, which is totally not the same as modding, but I can’t imagine how crushed I would be if someone took a story from me and claimed it as their own! I’m sorry you had to go through all that crap. This is a pretty old post, but I still decided to drop a comment off to tell you, dude! that sucks! I’m kind of ashamed to be in the same species as those thieves!….assuming they are human, which I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t….ANYWAYS, I’m pretty glad I learned this so thanks about telling me about those backstabbers, even though you had to learn the hard way… ❤

  63. steff says:

    wow, I really didn’t know people would sink to such low levels to try ruin it for someone, but well done you, I have a account on both mod the sims and sexy sims two, but I’ve only went on to them like twice each, anyway, I was looking for some good mods and ended up here, I’m sorry people can be so vile and I’m glad you are still doing it for you

  64. Nick says:

    I mean no disrespect, I understand that what you created took a lot of your time and hard work, but I really feel like you don’t understand the point of modding. Wouldn’t you agree that the point in creating a mod and uploading it at all is to share it with the community? That community includes other modders, other modders that want to make their own variations of what they like because they’d like it more if it was slightly different. Should they have claimed that it was their’s? No, of course not. But honestly man, who gives a shit? I had no idea these copycats even existed. I quite enjoyed your mod and each consecutive update, until you seemingly just disappeared. I’m glad I finally know why, but I feel like your entire situtaion could have been avoided if you would have just ignored the copycats and continued improving your great mod, so everyone could have fun using it. That’s the point of sharing the mod bro, so the users can enjoy it, not to start drama OR respond to drama. Just do the best you can with what you’ve got. I wish you would come back and release new versions of your mod, I’m sure everyone does. But whatever you choose I wish the best for ya.

  65. ashuraou says:

    I’m sorry for you. I was one of yours fan in Modthesims2. I used to use your mod for my game but I hadn’t played in two years because I was trying to focus on my work as a university student. Now, I found this…after googled and searched for your account ’cause I remember your name and bypass another modder. I will reconsider if I want to installed the all latest EPs because I don’t want to remove your amazing mod.

  66. Toby says:

    Why if everyone has copied your work do so many gamers spend so much time looking for your mod/s? I think you under-estimate the esteem we have for you and the weight of your legacy. You are more than the originator, you are the best. I do think it’s a shame that you have stopped sharing your work, on two counts, i) Selfishly – Because I find Sims3 bor-or-ing without it, ii) Because I can’t stand to think that someone who is naturally altruistic can be goaded into bitter isolation (by wankers!). You should have your own site and hit back at them. Guess you have a life and all but I can hope. Best wishes. Xx (P.S RE: MTS2, I’ve read truly disgusting things about this bloke and how he abuses personal data. I’m sure you’re aware of the stories which makes me admire you all the more for not mentioning them here).

  67. Romberg! says:

    Hey bro/sis. I checked those websites and a german website as well…
    I found that they are also trying to do the same with nRaas mods..
    I am really sorry for you..
    And hey. I got your über taboo mod..
    But I dont know how to make it work..
    I am not a modder or anything.. I just loved playing the sims 3. Then I accidentally saw your post..
    My thesis was stolen by a well known physicist. So I know how it feels..
    I am glad that you’re working happily somewhere..
    But my life still sucks..
    Anyway.. May the GOOD GOD PROTECT YOU.
    Take care.

  68. WinterCranium says:

    I just found this page because a Sims3-related blog had the link…

    This is the first time I’ve read about this/knew of it. I have some naturally ocurring rumor repellant in real-life and Sims community it seems o.O

    But I remember you from way back when as soon as I read “Darkpool” & “Dizzymental”. Interesting…

    Well, I believe YOUR story. And I want to thank you for your creations and your discoveries. I’m really surprised with all of this bullshit within the Sims community… but I’m not surprised as far as humans go, which really is the thing.

    But yeah. I miss you.

  69. Black ashes says:

    There’s not much for me to say that someone else hasn’t said, but you have my support and respect sir.

  70. Jess says:

    OMG NO. I wish you’d come back 😦 All we have is shitty judge-y awesomemod which ends up making you a pedo/sex offender (even though teens don’t fit under pedo) and it ruins the game. My mom had me when she was 14; if I want to make poor decisions for my teenagers and ruin their lives without making the adults get sent to jail (which isn’t even realistic 95% of the time) I should be able to do that in my game. It really sucks ass that what sounds like an incredible mod with all sorts of really wonderful features every other mod judges you for wanting isn’t available anymore. 😦 I’m really upset about how to go about achieving this and if you only still existed as a mod with your stuff readily available, I wouldn’t be so downtrodden about finally, after all these years, having a legit copy of S3 😦 I shall always weep for what would’ve been, had I been able to get the game sooner.

  71. nachelle says:

    So how exactly did you figure this out? It’s very cool. The reason I’m asking is because I don’t have sims 3 late night but want vampires. I heard that it isn’t possible unless you rewrite the script. Which I have no idea how to do.

  72. farhan says:

    I am really sorry for u. something like this have happen to me.
    Any way if u have a core mod for supernatural i will be great full.
    Ps Do u have a mod that allows pregnent sims to plan and wear every outfit i had one for sims 3

  73. farhan says:

    lol typo i ment sims 2

  74. Do You Really Want To Know says:

    Reminds me of my work only a few weeks ago in the minecraft community…while there is talent alass I must say I was merely treated with venom on my world generator tweaks for minecraft pocket edition

    I was doing what the devs couldn’t and that was an infinite terrain generator…my work is successful, but considering the venomous a**holes who are probably only like 5 I will never release my work

    Almost every post was a troll…if you play minecraft I don’t hate you…I have moved back to modding open source, in those places people respect me

  75. Derel says:

    It’s sad to see a talented modder leave the scene by a corrupt modding community. Maybe that’s why there hasn’t been any good mods out (except for twallans) in a long time. I bet you could of gone far with the mods you had planned. Well two (maybe three) years later here i am reading this about your mods, which i do remember you uploading to the sexysims2, like the uber taboo mods and inteen. I just wish things would have not ended like this. Well good luck to you good sir.

  76. Josie says:

    Wow, wonderful blog structure! How long have you ever been blogging for?
    you made blogging glance easy. The whole look of your site is magnificent, as neatly as
    the content!

  77. Kunkka says:

    You Sir are A god amongst men!! Please do let us know if u ever start modding again for sims 3 its an irony that the sims modding community( pieces of cum stains)would steal ur work and hav doom us from getting which would have been Awesome Mods ! they ruin it for everybody especially 4 players like me ..Top ‘o the hat to you good Sir

  78. Evert says:

    I know how you feel. I am aware this is an old post but I wanted to leave you a message anyway. I myself have been through something similar in Second Life. There are a lot of creators there that make a TARDIS, and they are great, but I wanted something bigger and better, so I started asking… and was told it could not be done. Being a programmer myself I doubted it, sometimes solutions are just around the corner if you think a bit out of the box. So I made a TARDIS that could do things none of the others could (like remote control from within the console room from another region, spin while flying, materialize in a no-rez zone, etc.). I didn’t want to sell it (you can sell stuff for real money on Second Life), so I just gave it away for free. And that is when the sh** hit the fan. The good people not withstanding, a lot of vendors wanted my blood. I even went so far as to offer them my source-code, for free. But in the end, the hate and the trolling just wasn’t worth it. so I quit.
    I wonder if programs like The Sims and Second Life, attract people who are like that? I have never seen this behaviour in other communities? Anyway, good luck to you and know that I know how you must feel/have felt.

  79. Frosty says:

    Don’t you just hate the morons who demand it all, give nothing and then take credit for what other s do!? I do recall being on a site for another game, mostly the people were okay but one guy was a real idiot. I figured up the method the game creators used to store names and no-one else seemed to be able to. This dude got real nasty because I wouldn’t tell him. The thing is it only took a few minutes of effort to figure it out so why didn’t he even try. Whats worse is I even even left what I consider obvious hints to the answer in my signature and still it didn’t get through. I left that site and its since shut down, c’est la vie. I do understand your frustration. Now I haven’t modded for games in a long while, just spending time on my own projects instead like my population gen.

    The lesson is do what you want and forget the idiots of the world.

  80. Lizzie says:

    I find this post quite depressing. I work in programming, and it only recently occurred to me that I could make the program do what I want. I was hoping to do some stuff, and I guess like everyone else you just wanna almost show ‘look I can do this’, but the idea that people are so nasty just puts me off…
    By the sounds of it I shall be keeping what I have done to myself, must say I am glad to have read this before I put anything up.

  81. BBJ says:

    Sorry to hear about all this hatred and backstabbing, but it’s not surprising. I think the best idea is to do what you have done, create a blog for your work, and that way nobody can claim they did it first due to timestamps. It’s a shame it had to go this way, but I thank you for your contributions of extending the life of this game.

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