Where’s the mod progression out there? Answer, there isn’t any.

I’m still in two minds about updating the mod. Reason being that I’m still coming across copycat coding from “modders”. Since I posted my tut on scripting using event handlers (which at the time nobody else knew how to do) I’ve seen a lot of object mods coming out, which is a good thing, so obviously people have been reading it since it was posted , but (and even though these same people use my script exactly as I wrote it) not a mention of where they took the script from or how they came about it. Dishonourable leeches the lot of ’em. Not only that, but where’s the progress? Since I delved into the core and found what needed to be changed, wrote my boolean for the sims2stylejealousy on top of everything else I did, I see nothing new from anyone out there. They’re just taking what I did, mixing it up and calling it their own. It’s all just poor immitation. Really there’s nothing new in more than a year since I’ve been away. They are just trying to complicate things more and more in order to mask the fact that they have nothing. There is one glimmer of hope though: recently saw Westhowe’s animation work. That looks promising. Apart from that, the same old mod thieves are still lingering around, complicating the stuff they originally riped off from me but really getting nowhere with it.

Quote from AD85 (sufferer)
“The other anomaly, which was common to both tests is the “Family Preview” screen (when selecting which save to load) only showed 10 Sims. I suspect this is a game limitation rather than a problem with either mod though, especially as it was present in both tests.”
“I’m pretty sure, this can be changed, but I don’t know where.”

Of course you don’t know where, because I’m not around for you to copy from anymore, du kleiner Scheißer.

Shit man, I think I’m gonna leave ’em to their lingering death.

Besides, time is a problem. Well, it always was. I remember when sims 3 first came out – within a weekend off work I took one look at the core files and realised I could change them easily enough to get teen/adult marriage and sex mods working the way we had with inteen back in the good old days of sims 2. I had a couple of weeks off work back around that time and I went at it like a maniac, staying up all hours, dishing out all kinds of flavour packs for people. Some of you remember those days, before the thieves like AD85 moved in to plunder and ruin. I could have held out, I had a lot of tricks up my sleeve yet – sims2stylejealousy and the Uber and Taboo mods were only the beginning. But then life, as always, took me back. I was back at work and things slowed down with the modding. I couldn’t keep up with the updates. I don’t think I could work again on anything with that kind of intensity, because not only do I not have the time now but there are family commitments. My gf doesn’t want me to do this stuff anymore. She says I’m wasting my life with it, and that all the time I spent doing it I’ll regret one day. Maybe she’s right. I’m more inclined to believe her these days. I came across an old sim site recently where the creator had left and lamented in her final comment that she’d spent too much time playing/modding the game. It’s my belief that modders are only modders for as long as they are still playing the game. I posted her, saying that sooner or later we all have to put down the toys. That was something my gf said to me not long ago, about these things. That sooner or later we all have to put down the toys.

I think for me that time has truly come.



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10 Responses to Where’s the mod progression out there? Answer, there isn’t any.

  1. Im so sad but, i completely understand where you are coming from. Good luck with everything.

  2. Virginia says:

    Ugh, your girlfriend sounds like a rather unpleasant person, I’m sorry to say. I never would say something like that to my boyfriend, I mean condescending much? Everybody has their own interests and hobbies and none is less important or more childish than the other.

    EVERYTHING is a waste of time if you’re not enjoying it or if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Modding is no child’s play at that. It’s not as freaking simple as “playing with a toy”.

    I understand if you’re moving on because you don’t have the time, have other priorities or are disappointed with the modding community. Don’t feel like what you do is immature/waste of time and whatnot just because some girl/woman tells you it is though.

    When I was playing WoW I was going out with a guy that told me the same stuff about wasting time and all that jazz . He kept lecturing me on how spending time outdoors and enjoying nature is more valuable. So I bid him adieu and dated a guy that played WoW like I did. We were together for 3 years and he understood that I enjoyed “quality time in nature” just as much as I enjoyed WoW. When I got fed up with the game and he kept on playing I was never gave him crap for it.

    As long as you’re enjoying what you do it’s not a waste of time. I know I ended up learning a lot of things because I started gaming. I didn’t care or knew anything about videocards, ram and what was in a pc before I started playing games for example. I know people that discovered they had a creative side by messing around with The Sims 2 game and decided to go in that direction professionally.

    End rant.

  3. lostaccount says:

    Lol. Well I haven’t completely given up just yet. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    So today I reinstalled the sims 3 as I’m prone to do from time to time. Got it installed up to ambitions and decided to get my favorite mods installed. Namely InTeen. Needless to say I was sad when I finally stumbled on this page and heard your story. Anyway us simple players lost a great modder and I hope you fair well in your future endeavors.

  5. Anonymous says:

    That’s sad to hear, knowing that people have been stealing your great work and claiming it as their own consequentially meaning that you have stopped sharing your mod.
    I used to use this mod in Sims 2 and tried to when Sims 3 first came out back in beta days but sadly without much success. But yesterday I reinstalled my Sims 3 games and decided to look for your mod once again and was disappointed when I read these posts.
    Good luck on your future and don’t let anybody tell you how to spend your time!
    I am going to refuse to get the mod off of somebody else when I know that it wasn’t their original work.

  6. Hi Billy, peace to you too =) I don’t need to say I’m in the same position the guys above said, reinstalled TS3 just yesterday and played a lil bit. This (and only yet) time I thought: enough of 100s of mods making the game unstable, I just want to play a bit without hours searching for tweaks, installing, testing, etc. I just wanted to play it like I don’t play since classic Sims (TS2 was great, but still too much mod micromanagement, I couldn’t hold myself).

    Then today I was playing the yesterdays humble guy at the corner of a poor neighborhood, and I got a girl for him, pretty one, so let’s woohoo’em – I said.. and there it was, the dreadful “Try for a baby” option, so dry and cold, like they were some kind of machines, I don’t know – I just feel that a whole huge world of cold water is thrown in my head every time I see that option popping up.

    Then I remembered how amazingly relieved I felt first time I encountered InTeen’TS2, was everything I wanted (hm, I only wanted Risky/Silent Woohoo really) and much more (I confess I don’t care much about teens getting pregnant) but, most terrific was how you created it: sutil and natural – I tell you that your mod brought me back the game I had lost in that time. So much I even did try to help you translating it to Brazilian Portuguese (I don’t think you’ll remember me) and I was just glad and grateful to help with a bit of the best mod I had found for my game.

    Well, no need to say how I am sad too on how things [didn’t] work[ed] out on TS3. I did try the early TS3 builds of InTeen and, if I remember right, they were just as good. Now all the magic is gone. And I’m not here asking you to reconsider only by the fact we need (desperately – did you see that Woohooer? ouch..) your magic back in the game, but no one gives so much effort and care about something like you did to InTeen if wasn’t for pure joy on doing and giving it to the people. Be sure that you made a lot of afternoons, nights and mornings happier – I hope that does count for you now.

    Your hate for this people – to me at least – is completely understandable. I just don’t understand how it got bigger than your joy on doing your mods. We have families, lives, bills to care for but to accomplish what you did, only a few can and even fewer do.

    Well I guess I said too much here, not of my business. I just didn’t want to see you so sower about your work after everything you brought to *many* of us. I hope you find the right path to your talents, even if far away from this people here ;P

    And, btw, *thank you very much*.

    Eduardo from Brazil (wirapuru)

  7. lostaccount says:

    You’ll never know how close I came to releasing the updated Inteen 3 shortly after AMB came out. If it wasn’t for the haters Id’ have released the updates. I still get the odd retard sending me messages full of their spite; and if only they were educated and could spell I’d understand what they were getting at!

    What I still don’t understand is why anybody out there would be bothered that I created these mods and did them first before any of the so-called Sims modders could figure it out. There are still some laying claim to the things I did. I shake my head and wonder at how crazy these people are and think again that I should just forget about it. Life’s too short to be bothering with those idiots. Anyway, it’s not like all the effort and time I put into those mods was getting me paid. I gave them away for free after spending hours digging through the gameplay core, figuring out things the modders would later steal without credit. Emulation is one thing, appropriation another, but copying what’s been done and then insulting the original creator is just twisted, lacks integrity and is typical of most of the sims modders. It’s a cult of pathetic arseholes seeking popularity. Screw the lot of ’em.

  8. 11daisies says:

    I just want to thank you for all of the hard work that you put into developing and sharing your mods with us. They were the best that I have ever found! They gave me many worry free hours of enjoying my game.

    I hope that you find enjoyment and success in whatever you choose to do! You have a great deal of talent and its sad that people try to claim your hard work as their own!

  9. Cassandra Nadeau says:

    I’ve been playing and using mods for Sims 3 since it was released, and had no idea about the drama going on behind the scenes. Makes sense now that after being on top of every update AD85 vanished for months and months around the same time you stopped modding. I don’t use anything but Twallen’s NRASS mods now, but really miss polygamy. I wonder if you’d consider creating a private forum for posting your mods, giving access to those you’ve gotten to know through this blog? It really sucks that a few people have ruined it for the rest of us 😦

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