New mods


Updates for Showtime and new Hospital Revamped mod (Insem and Abortion clinic included) are here




I’m slowly reclaiming my stolen mods from the thieves. See my facebook page for updates and new mods.

Artificial Insemination and Pregnancy/Abortion Clinic, update for Pets (see my facebook page)

And Whoever put up the sims wiki modding page with all that rubbish attributing my mods to other people is a lying scumbag whose voodoo when it comes will be too heavy to bear. That whole sims modding wiki crap is completely bogus.


Insemination/Pregnancy Clinic

Pet insemination

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The boy who cried out "look the emperor isn't wearing any clothes"
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23 Responses to New mods

  1. lozer says:

    With the pet’s EP, is there anyway vto enable Horse/Human, Dog/Human or Cat/Human Woohoo

    • lostaccount says:

      You mean freakation, lol. Only with a mod. It’s entirely possible and easy to do. In fact, I was working on a freak version of my hospital mod/insem clinic but I never had the time to polish it so I didn’t release it when I released the insemination clinic. Maybe something for the future.

  2. Ron I says:

    I like many people out there miss your mode and wish others would just keep their hands off others creations, calling them their own. I have had to go to Awesome mod to just get by but it does not even come close to what you put out in the community.

    When I saw the claims by others that you had stole their material I had to ask myself why I had seen your material up months before any of them even started posting on sites like Mod the sims. Maybe I missed their posts and mods but I didn’t think this was the case because I was a regular at the time and hadn’t seen anything. So at the time I thought “Well what the heck Lostaccount (formal darkpool) has this out and the others stuff is still rough and not working 100% there is no question in my mind who is the ones telling lies.

    I figured it would blow over in time and we would just have the people that loved the game play the game and not get involved. I also figured that eventually this would blow over and all would be good in the mod world also.

    I’m very sorry that others were the north side of a south heading mule but I must admit I miss “my” mod. The game has just never been the same since you stopped updating it for the general community and I wish that could change, but I understand how you are feeling about this and rightly so.

    Just want to say your missed and I hope that the joy for you gaming in Sims as well as modeling will not diminish because of those mules.

  3. kaycee says:

    I cant find your mods on your fb page

  4. Mrs.Dedo says:

    Do you know where I can get the inteen3?

  5. chet says:

    hello can u message me a link to your fb? i didn’t see 1 on the page and that sucks that the theives ruined it for every 1 i was lookingforward to getting inteen for my ts3 game after all it made my ts2 game much better

  6. Rainie says:

    I love to read your blogs they are so interesting. So much…controversy? Yeah I love your work probably the best out of the Sims community. I recently had the abortion mod but I had to remove my entire Sims 3 collection. So is there a way you can send me that mod

    • lostaccount says:

      chekc my facebook account. Have updates and more there

      • Lia says:

        Hey, I’m a first time simmer, and I have been looking for a great sims 3 mod to get my teens pregnant. I’ve read almost your entire blog and I am very glad I didn’t check out those other websites you mentioned(MTS specifically), they seemed shady in the first place! I keep reading that the mod info is on your facebook page, but I cannot seem to find any links. I can see some of the photos you posted, but thats it(Though compared to all the other mods I’ve seen, amazing! No ugly other options to deal with in game, save for making sure she wears maternity clothes.). I realize I might need to be your friend to see most of that stuff, but I did not want to intrude or anything. I’ve never modded anything before, but this mod would definitely help improve the stories I’m making(looking to be a professional writer, my sims are my inspirations!). Thank you very much for all your hard work, and if you could help me out in some way I would be very grateful.

      • lostaccount says:

        You have to be a friend on FB to see the links and stuff. Been updates there and new stuff since last year

  7. Dolphingal says:

    you never approved my comment. wth?
    it’s been a long time since I posted it and mind you I am not a patient person (if someone told me patience was a virtue then I’d tell them where to put it…one reason why I hate grocery lines) but I waited for you to approve and reply even though it was really hard of me to do. I’m not trying to be harsh. it’s just I’ve been ignored/not listened to by enough people in my life that I have to believe I’m getting the shaft. at least tell me if you have the mod I asked for on your facebook.

    • lostaccount says:

      I’m not ignoring you. I have so many messages it’s like a bloody avalanche. If your FB request wasn’t accepted send it again. I’ve checked all of them so far.

  8. Sims Three says:

    Do you have a teen pregnancy mod anymore?

  9. skyegal21 says:

    hi, I requested to be your friend on facebook, can you add me please, Jasmine scarlett, This is just my sims account

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