It’s all over

This time I’m quitting for good. **Edit** errr no it’s not. lol. See above.

Well, someone messaged me today after I posted about the stuff being written on my blog to tell me about a rip-off version of all the work I put into the Insem Clinic last year on the Hospital mod. They sent me the zips. And when I showed my gf today by opening up the code in Net Reflector, and she saw how it was basically a rip-off version of all the coding I’d done, all she had to say was I told you so. And she did. She told me this would happen, that the a-holes out there would rip off everything I did and put it out as their own with no credit to the original creator. She kept telling me last year a hundred times to quit with this shit and let the thieves rot in hell. Well, I hate to say this (being a man) but women are always (always) right.

This is the second time I’ve officially quit modding (lol) but this time I mean it. It’s done, it’s over. This time there’s no coming back. I’m gonna let them get on with their petty rubbish. I’m fed up with doing all the hard work for these morons. Somebody obviously got a hold of the Insem mod from here way back last year (before I locked the links for friends only; an oversight by me) and broke it down and recycled all my hard work only to shove it up in the place I hate the most, ModTheSims2. One look at the dates and it’s obvious to me what has happened. I think I said at the time that the thieves out there would see what I’d done and rip it all out. But for once in my life I’m going to listen to my gf. Man, she just kept telling me, time and time again to quit with this, it’s a no win situation. I’m not giving any more of myself to those thieves. It’s done. I have to move on for good. I have other things in my life anyway that loom larger than this crap. No more to say.

Sorry to all the people on here are good people. Hope you got the mods you needed before I locked them all on Mediafire. Have fun.


Whatever else I had planned, I’ll trash it tonight so I can’t go back.

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21 Responses to It’s all over

  1. kristen says:

    I’m sorry for everything that’s been going on with them ripping you off all over again. It’s always one person out there that will mess it up for the rest of us. I’m glad I have the mod (which I had to get again this morning) but I thank you for letting the good ones have access to it while we did. Your awesome !!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    well man u will be missed,and as far as the thieves we all know theres only one original.oh yea tell ur gf for me not to rub it in to badly lol.take it easy man.

  3. Melly says:

    You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but I feel for you.
    Hope you’re able to find peace in all of this.
    When we are confronted to society, that’s the moment where disapointment has the more chance of showing it’s ugly face.
    There will always be jealous people, there will always be people who abuse and lie. That’s the society we live in. I think society has always been that way, but now, with internet, it’s so much easier to be confronted to this kind of behavior, and it’s harder not to let it get to us.
    I’m really sorry to see you go, especially because of the way you’re leaving.
    Leaving mad also leaves a very bad after taste, no matter what it is related to.
    Although it’s none of my business, I still think you shouldn’t trash what you have made. It’s yours, you created it. Keep it for yourself on a USB key and ask your gf to hide it for you. Not so that you can come back later, but just because YOU created it.

    Although I didn’t get the chance to download your stuff, I’m still grateful for creators like you and Twallan, because no matter what envious people say or do, it’s people like you and him that allowed a lot of new behavior in this game to be available, and for this, I’ll never thank you guys enough.
    I really hope things will end up going the way you want them to.
    Greetings from Quebec, keep being more awesome than them, and take care.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for the mods I needed. 😦 I’d still like to keep you on Facebook as a friend though. I am really sorry that happened, though. But thanks so much. ;___; ❀

  5. Lulu says:

    That really sucks. I have never been a big gamer but i do enjoy playing the sims and some of the mods that make it more interesting. The modding world tends to seperate into class “good and bad” I find it very frustrating that they rip people off. Saddening they did, since they ruined it for all of us. I’ve been looking for a teen pregnancy mod and cannot find one that is up to date with the latest patch. Or even close to the latest patch.

  6. Dolphingal says:

    but I never got the polygamy mod u.u. I remember when I was taken by someone on Ebay twice and that sucks for me because we’ve never had a lot of money (it really sucks now that we’re jobless) but that didn’t make me quit buying from Ebay because sh!t just happens sometimes and I just have to be more careful is all so personally I wouldn’t quit. if someone takes me and I quit it all because of it I’d feel like I’m letting them win in a way but maybe that’s just me because I’m stubborn like that and if that’s what you want to do then I respect that. I just wish that you had gotten back to me sooner because I feel like everyone got what they wanted except me. I know I probly should have told you on Facebook to begin with though but I’m not a fan of talking to people on FB..I have a FB but I don’t really use it. I didn’t know that then anyway. maybe I also thought it wouldn’t do any good because of me being a jynx.
    since you’re not making any more, can you at least tell BaXim to bring it back to sexysims and update it? I don’t understand why they left. was it banned or were they afraid of that getting stolen too? no one makes those and it was a really good mod.
    I know people may think what’s the big deal it’s just a computer program but as an Aquarius it’s way more than that to me. plus I’m tired of all the disappointments in my life. if I can’t get a job that I want, it’d be nice to at least have this which will hold me in the meantime.
    sry this was long. I tend to ramble and I haven’t been in the best of moods for a while (I mean I’m happy for certain things but I’m not at the same time. does that make any sense?)

    • lostaccount says:

      I never saw your account on FB. I still have the mods there for the people on FB. But I’ve quit doing anything new because everything I do is original and then some asshole comes along and steals it and doesn’t give me, the original creator, any credit. All my routines from the Abortion and Insem clinic have been recently ripped off now as well. I’m sick of it. I said it all a thousand times before, so I’m not going over old ground here, suffice to say most people who followed me from the start know that without what I did there would be bugger all mods for the sims 3 out there because none of them knew how to do this stuff until I showed the way. But they keep trying to take what I give and call it theirs and then shit on me on the forums, and I don’t want to do it for them anymore. Sod them all to hell. If you connect with me on FB I’ll share the updates with you but I’m not doing anything new. All those so-called modders who steal can all stall and dry up like the shit they are without me.

  7. Raine says:

    Can you send me your mods by email since you shit them down.

  8. mikepinlac says:

    That sucks, and I only just got back into the Sims 3, no Inteen for me then.

  9. Susie says:

    Could you recommend any sites to download mods and custom content from? I tried searching for sites that don’t mess up your computer and give you viruses but its all pretty random. Does anyone know if Modthesims3 is safe??? If anyone has sites they know and trust could you recommend them? thankies!

  10. Niks says:

    Aww…. it sucks that so many people these days (if you could call them people) would just blatantly rip off someone’s hard work. It sucks that you’re not going to be updating anymore, but it’s the right choice. These people should learn how to do their own crap and not take advantage off other wonderful people’s (such as yourself) genius. It sucks because these rip-offs keep ruining it for the rest of us who are just happy gamers… Anyhoo, best of luck with other things and I hope all those bottom-feeders get crapped on by something.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thats so unfair 😦
    Im really sorry your having such a hard time with it all, your mods are great and i really love altering the game to make it more realistic and such πŸ™‚
    I hope you dont mind i added you on facebook >.<

  12. Anonymous says:

    It wont let me download anything of yours…i really want the abortion thingy! It says its private and it wont let me download it…! -Madison Leigh(:

  13. Jonas says:

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    I used, “It’s all over | Lostaccount’s Blog” as your
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