New Inteen mods on Facebook

New Inteen Mods for Supernatural on my facebook account, including the new Polygamy script mod. First time this has been done (as with all my mods, always the first time until some retard steals/copies what I’ve done), so you can now have proper polygamy via script mod –  Few images below

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11 Responses to New Inteen mods on Facebook

  1. lostaccount says:

    Only doing this stuff via FB now, for people I’ve sort of come to know on there.

  2. Vera Ohlsen says:

    Now I wish to friend you on Facebook. When I get the money to buy my own pc + game, I’ll mod it to death. Teenage pregnancies all over the place!

  3. Alex says:

    Hi Darkpool, nice to hear that you share your work again, but unfortunately I do not have an account on Facebook and do not want to have, how can I download your mods?

  4. Baron says:

    I just sent you a message on Facebook.. I been looking for this mod for years.. I am so happy you continue to make the inteen because i love the mod sooo much.. Its awesome, makes me want to play the sims 3 even more..

    • Falerin says:

      I have sent a friend request on facebook. I am saddened to see that you have to go through such convolutions to protect your work I have only recently gotten into sims 3 and find the alternatives for such stuff lacking. Nraas comes closest but awesomemod’s stupidity regarding these things makes it a total non-starter for me.

  5. Michelle says:

    I played the Sims 2 for yeaaaaars and was so excited when the Sims 3 came out. The catch was that I loved the Sims 2 so much because of how realistic it was with the Inteenimator. I was pretty devastated when I couldn’t find a similar mod for the Sims 3. As a result, I never got into the Sims 3 and my games are sitting gathering dust.

    If you have created such brilliant mods, which from what I can gather, you have, please can you share them with me?

    I’ve read through your blog and understand your frustrations with the thieves that are stealing your work and I completely understand why you now only share your mods with people you know on Facebook. Could you make an exception for me? Really, the only way I’m going to be able to enjoy the Sims 3 is with your mods.

    I hope you’ll consider it 🙂

  6. Just added u on fb (gonzalez sims) … thanks for continuing to make these ..i thought u quit years ago 🙂

  7. Tan Glover says:

    Is there anyway you can add me on FB. I would kill to have your mods. I hate that I don’t know how to make them myself and that many out there are unreliable.

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