How To Mod The Sims 3

How To Mod The Sims 3


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A definitive step by step guide to creating your own Sims 3 mods. Over 30,000 words of invaluable programming secrets for every budding Sims 3 Mod Creator.  Everything you need to know from basic modification of the tuning files to advanced scripting

Contents preview:


1. What you will need to start modding The Sims 3
2. How to set up The Sims 3 for mods.

Part 1: What’s under the bonnet? (Basic)

1: The basics of tuning files.
1a. Tuning files and how to look inside them.
1b. Modifying the tuning files.

2: The basics of core packages
2a. Dlls and how to look inside them.
2b. Modifying the core packages.

Part 2: The Teen Mod (Intermediate)

1: The Teen Marriage and Romance enabler routines.
1a. Teen Marriage
1b.Teen Woohoo and Pregnancy
1c. Teen Realism in The Sims 3

2: CAS changes in the UI package and Teen Households.
2a. Enabling Teen “Play With Genetics”
2b. Valid Teen Only Households in CAS
2c. Splitting/Merging/Moving Teens and Teen Households

3. Social and Supernatural Sims
3a Social Sims and Online Dating.
3b Teen Vampires
3c Modifying the Occult options in the Core package

Part 3: The Complete Inteen Mod (Advanced)

1. Romancing The Sims
1a Age Restriction Removal
1b. Making “inappropriate” appropriate
1c. Anti-social Sims (fighting, scolding, curfew & skinny dipping)

2. Jealousy, Privacy and Sims3StyleJealousy
2a. Removing Privacy
2b. Removing Jealousy
2c. Sims2 Style Jealousy

3: No Gender, Uber Taboo, and Polygamy.
3a. No Gender Restrictions
3b. Uber Taboo (for experimental purposes)
3c. Polygamy

Part 4: Script Modding (Advanced)

1: How a Sims 3 script works and how to use one.
1a. Getting The Sims 3 to recognise your script.
1b. Using EventHandler to get your script running.
1c. A source-code example of a script mod.

2: The Sims 3 Holy Trinity.
2a. Event Handlers
2b. Alarms
2c. Reaction Broadcasters

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