Inteen inside…

All mods will now be on this page on this blog:

So you on longer have to sign up for facebook unless you want to know me personally or discuss the mods or any problem you’re having with them. But be warned I plan to stay off Facebook. You can also contact me on here, although your comment must be approved – and I have an avalanche of messages on here to get through. You can also contact me on Twitter.

You can also contact me about Modding questions here:

About lostaccount

The boy who cried out "look the emperor isn't wearing any clothes"
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2 Responses to Inteen inside…

  1. Dan Rushton says:

    Thank you SO you for doing this!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just want to say ThankYou! for making your mods again available… I have tried to friend you on facebook to access them, but had to use an alias, as some of my friends do not appreciate sims, or the fact that I might want to add realism to my game. I shall add your mods to my game, and I hope for good results… 🙂 As for your book, I would love to learn modding, but… my daily duties barely make it possible for me to play, and build… I am an awesome builder… a passion at heart… Life gets in my way most of times, unfortunately… I did at one time have my own space for my lots in Sims 2… The web site died, and the drama behind it was rediculous… Only a couple I uploaded to Mod The Sims afterwards, my heart broken and a long depression… I love to play, build and share… but now to share at MTS2 they ultra critique lot uploads, and to me… My creations are ART… as I see them… I will not alter my artwork, and hope to find a site that will take me… (I’m bantering, sorry… feels good to let it out though…) Anyway… To You… Thankyou for modding in this community! It is a sharing community, “You mod for me, I’ll build for you” and we can both play, and have enriched fun because of it… I believe how it should be… And I do hope to see you for Sims 4 also… Anyway… I am TiyaMarie… aka TIYARN007 at MTS2… (most of my work is not there… due to depression, heartbroken, and lack of motivation due to these things…) Don’t let other assholes make you like me… not sharing… and plz… If I have questions about your mods, I hope you will answer… God Bless… TiyaMarie :))… hugs

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