Inteen update – Future xp 1.66

Inteen 3 for future xp – patch 1.66!jEMHHCRD!9H9mFq0B7esXY1qmToUxu3ipedEqqDQ7qiYH-HDSuT4

future (9)
Removes Romance/Marriage/Pregnancy restriction between ages. Except for children, obviously.

No Shooing.

Allows Teen only households (move out/move in/split/from cas etc.)

This version does not contain my old sims2style jealousy o polygamy … yet

This version (Uber) allows relations/pregnancy/marriage between relations/future descendents.

Mature Inteen scolding – meaning no scolding for pregnant, married or engaged teens

No teen curfew

Supernatural options enabled for teens.

Online dating enabled for teens.

*other options, see facebook for more details.

LGBT pregnancy/marriage enabled – no gender restrictions.

See Facebook page for instructions if you’re not sure how to install.

Check me on Facebook for updates, if any.


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