Sims 4

Someone was nice enough to send me the Sims 4 demo. I’ve had a look at the files (what little there was, about 1gb worth) and I can tell you that EA hasn’t made some great leap in terms of the game engine by the looks of things. From what I’ve seen, things are going to remain largely the same, except for the graphics. So if you’re worried that modders won’t be able to mod the Sims 4, I wouldn’t worry. It’ll be as easy as modding Sims 3. It’s not as if EA has gone from using machine code to ‘C’ in some great innovative leap. Everything you learned from me -assuming you bought my mod book 😉 -will still apply for the most part. You’ll know what to look for this time around, which will make it a whole lot easier. But … and you knew it was coming … I’m in two minds about modding the next Sims game, for these reasons:

(1) I don’t feel the same way about the game as I used to. Maybe I’ve outgrown it. I don’t care as much. I’ve had a hard time even bothering to do updates for the last few mods, since I stopped “playing” the game.

(2) As I said above, lots of people who either bought my book or learned from reverse engineering my early teen mods will know what to look for and will no doubt be able to do it for themselves this time around with Sims 4, because the graphics engine may have changed but the game core will be more or less the same thing we’ve seen before with Sims 3. Ignore the naysayers who say modding Sims 4 is not going to be possible – they’re the same kind of people who said modding sims 3 wasn’t possible. They talk shit and know nothing.

(3) Anyone who knows me and has been following me on facebook knows that I have serveral serious issues in real life that I am trying to deal with at the moment – one of them a housing crisis- so unless I can sort those things out this year (unlikely) then I won’t be sparing much thought for the Sims.



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