How to get my Sims 4 mods working in your game


Download the resource file. I posted the link. It makes life simpler.

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Follow these steps:

Create a folder in your Mod folder called inteenmods (exactly as I have written it here)

mod folder1

Make sure your resource.cfg file is set out like this:

Priority 500
PackedFile *.package
PackedFile **.package
PackedFile ***.package
DirectoryFiles inteenmods autoupdate

That last line is important.

Then all you need do is put the mod inside the folder you created in your Mod folder.

mod folder2

Download my resource.cfg file here:

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  1. Ty'lee Valentine says:

    I dont have PackedFile***,package. What do I do.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is there a teen woohooer without the pregnancy?

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