Rip-off version of my Sims 4 mods already up on MTS in record time. Shame, Shame!

Mod The Sims (shit site that it is)  has a long history of shamelessly ripping off other people’s mods.  Don’t believe me? Just ask other modders. I know of at least three who have suffered the same experience as me.  MTS did it to me years ago, when I was modding Sims 3. And not only do they rip off the mods, their mod thieves make inferior versions that barely work because they don’t understand what they’re doing, and then they go on to slag off the original creators of the mods they ripped off! And any complaints are deleted from the forum.

There is already a ripped off version of my Inteen 4 mod over at MTS by some idiot called Shimrod, or Dickwad, or some such ridiculousness.  I was banned for the second time for responding politely to a disgusting and idiotic accusation made by this imbecile. The poor thief can’t even write properly and doesn’t have a clue how these things work. Don’t bother with his trashy dumbed-down version of my mod. Download the original here and forget about MTS. It’s full of shit over there as always and the site owner is highly suspect (see my older posts on here about his dodgy past).

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5 Responses to Rip-off version of my Sims 4 mods already up on MTS in record time. Shame, Shame!

  1. Insider says:

    The moment i saw a variation of inteen mod in MTS i was somewhat suspicious btw i don’t have a rat’s ass idea about modding, anyway i thought that some leech might be ripping off your work ..well its confirmed, i still remember they did the same with your inteen mods in sims 3. i have used your inteen mods from sims 3 and was hoping the same for sims 4 and here i am again after years just recently got sims 4 ..and the support here might not be as much , like those mainstream sites but theres a handful few who appreciates your talent and mods..Thank you

  2. Cinery30 says:

    Thanks for the heads up and commenting back! I really appreciate it. Goes back to downloading on here 🙂

  3. Christina says:

    I saw that mod and instantly thought of you. Shimrod usually does good mods so I was surprised that he just blatantly ripped off of yours. I will definitely download only yours because you are the best. 🙂

  4. Stinchbird says:

    I’m so incredibly disappointed in them all. I know it’s a complete rip-off, but is it really that hard to give credit to the person who is talented enough to actually figure it out for themselves first?

    They can collectively shove some cacti, dipped in lemon juice, where the sun doesn’t shine.

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