Sims 4 Get To Work Update

Inteen 4 Darkpool

Sims 4 Inteen update 29 May 2015

(NOTE: I forgot to mention that this Inteen update was for version
not If you’re experiencing problems and you’re using then that would be why. I’ll try to update for the latest patch soon)

*** you can add any number of the mods below to Inteen***
Simcest (Inteen 4 script) – this mod will NOT allow simcest if kids are involved.

No jealousy

Naked Woohoo

No Privacy (except for kids)

****Inteen -only use one of the two main mods below, not both***

Inteen 4 update
(phone dating bug fix/more whims added – 2nd Jun)

Inteen with Polygamy update
(phone dating bug fix/more whims added – 2nd Jun)


If you have any problems always make sure you have the most recent version (first of all), then check for conflicts (try the mods without any other mods installed), then if you still have problems, contact me. Comments are back on 🙂

Things to check if it’s not working:

1. That you have the latest bugfixed updated version from here. And start a new family in CAS if you want to see any changes once you reinstall a mod like this one.

2. Mod conflicts (try without other mods first). Also some CC may conflict, as with the Sims 3, like skin/outfits etc.

3. Obvious but easily overlooked – make sure there is a double bed on the lot otherwise game will not allow tryforbaby/woohoo options to show

4. Check your game version. When I created this mod my game version was

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28 Responses to Sims 4 Get To Work Update

  1. Girly says:

    Hey thanks for the update, but is it normal for teen sims not to show or have a pregnancy buff

    • lostaccount says:

      First off make sure you have the latest update from here (I left out some files when I first uploaded the package, so get the new update from yesterday). Second, make sure you don’t have CC/mod conflicts by running Inteen alone at first. Most skins and clothes shouldn’t prevent the pregnancy belly showing, although I can’t vouch for all of them out there of course. I know of only one skin (a pale skin tone) that does block pregnancy belly from showing in the first trimester. Mods that change pregnancy/marriage etc. will conflict. See image (teen sim buff and pregnancy) below:

      Preg buff

  2. Jessica says:

    Do I need to delete the old files I had in my inteenmods folder?

    • lostaccount says:

      You only need the latest Inteen (or the polygamy version) plus whatever else you want to add, like Simcest, NoPrivacy etc etc.. You can remove all the old base game versions if you stil have them.

  3. NVN says:

    How do I make the mod work? Do i just download it and thats it or do i have to save somewhere specific? (Totally new to mods)

    • lostaccount says:

      In XP you would put the mod packages here
      C:\Documents and Settings\***User***\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\packages

      For scripts (like Simcest) just bung them in the Mod folder
      C:\Documents and Settings\***User***\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods
      Don’t unzip the script file or it won’t work.

      You will have (or should have) a resource.cfg in your mod folder as well
      Obviously these locations won’t be exactly the same for Vista, etc., but you get the idea.

  4. Maja Aagaard Nielsen says:

    i know you dont want to do child romance mods, but hear me out. Could you maybe make a mod so that children (Child-Child, no other ages thats pedo) could do like not woohoo, children dont even understand that. Anyways, could you do some mod so that children could do like the kiss that teenagers do when they have their first kiss? it proberbly requires new animations, but her im just asking

    • lostaccount says:

      Nah, I never do any mods involving kids, even innocent ones like this. It’s not something that interests me. I would never be motivated enough to be bothered to do it.

  5. ZZZ says:

    Thanks for the mod! Everything works perfectly, but i was wondering if this version of Inteen allows pregnancy between teens and young adults? I tried to have my adult sim have babies with teen sims and the option simply wouldn’t show up. Same thing with Simcest, but in this case the ‘try for baby’ option shows up, they do the little excited squeals before the woohoo/try for baby, but they won’t more or do anything afterwards. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? Mods are enabled and i followed every single step from your instructions on how to get your mods to work. Thank you for you attention!

    • lostaccount says:

      Yes Inteen allows tryforbaby/woohoo and marriage and all romance options between Teens/YA/Adult/Elders. You should have no problem getting pregnancy between teens and young adults. Sounds like you have mod conflicts.

      But not to insult your intelligence just to state the obvious that is easily overlooked, you should make sure there is a double bed on the lot. The game checks for a bed before allowing the tryforbaby and woohoo options to show up.

  6. Jose says:

    So I tried this mod without anything else other than the resource.cfg, and only the buff showed up, the sim never got bigger. Hopefully it’s just something I did wrong.

    • lostaccount says:

      Bun Belly doesn’t really show until second trimester (well it does but if your sim is fat to start with you’re not going to see much at first). Make sure you have the latest Inteen update, version 10 of Inteen or version 6 of Polygamy Inteen. Some CC/mods may conflict. If you have FB, see my FB page for help with installing/mod conflicts etc.

      Note there are some CC (skins for example) that may block the preggers belly from showing up.

  7. Grace says:

    Hey, thanks for making these mods. 🙂 I downloaded simcest, no jealousy, naked woohoo, no privacy and the inteen with polygamy update into a new sims 4 folder with no mods or cc in it and noticed some bugs. The interactions and options for the mods and all of that worked fine buut, I had some problems…I’ll just list;

    1) Sims would “pop out” of bed, like they had been reset after sleeping, naps or woohooing. Sometimes, after that happens, the bed would look as if there was still a sleeping sim under the blanket, but there is no sim.

    2) The bladder bar would be full but red instead of the usual green even though the sim went to the toilet. Sometimes the “needs to pee” moodlet + the uncomfortable emotion would accompany this and the sim would always walk funny. Again, even after using toilet.

    3) Pregancy – from incest and/or adult/teen relations;
    a) Sim would randomly get stuck in 2nd, 3rd or ??? trimester. All baby interaction options still available. eg. “feel baby, ask baby’s due date, etc…”
    b) One sim was supposed to go into her 3rd trimester but instead, the moodlet reset back into 2nd trimester with no countdown timer and she was then forever be pregnant…
    c) The size of the belly for 3rd trimester bodies was the exact same size as the 2nd trimester bodies. One sim gave birth though, but after her belly grew even bigger!
    – Same sim had 3rd trimester moodlet refresh and the timer said, “3rd trimester, 3 days left”. The options “have baby, or have baby at hospital” were always available, but no other baby would appear. Her newborn moodlet would just be refreshed.
    – After using the “have baby” options, moodlet would sometimes switch between 3rd and ??? and sometimes her belly would go back to her pre-pregnancy belly.
    d) Pregnancy moodlet would disappear but sim still pregnant. Happened to two of my sims. One sim was obviously pregnant – 2nd trimester, another sim (also in 2nd tri) did look pregnant, then suddenly her pregnant belly disappeared. Maybe disappearance happened at the end of the trimester? All pregnancy interaction options were still available for both sims.

    I think out of all of that, I only had one pregnancy without any freaky pregnant forever incidences. Hopefully what I typed out made sense. All of this was tried in a new folder the game automatically generated, so there were no other mods or cc.

    Sorry! Thanks for taking the time to read this 🙂

    • lostaccount says:

      Straight off the bat I can see that if you have sims popping out of bed, which is a jump bug, then you are running the wrong version of this mod. You need to check your version number. The latest update for Inteen is for version 1.7.56. If you run it with a later patch or earlier you’ll have all the problems you describe

  8. Jessica says:

    thank you very much, you have no idea how much i appreciate this upload, I was cheking your page like every week out of desperation for your disappearance 😦 i’m glad you are doing fine, i found your mods always the best (never had problems of conflict, working always smoothly; the only problem i found lately these months were only bc the game was updated).
    Hoping I’m not stressing you with my request, but is it possible to add a pregnancy for a same gender couple? Made some nice couples like this but i cannot give them heirs :(( so sad

    • lostaccount says:

      There is already a same sex couple mod out there, which is why I didn’t include anything like that with Inteen this time around. I don’t do mods if they’re already out there because what would be the point except to waste time? 🙂

  9. ladypacience says:

    Does this version have miscarriage?

  10. Diannys says:

    Hi, Sorry but Idk how download the files, can you help me pls?

  11. Nickst3r says:

    I’ve been wanting a teen pregnancy for awhile so does this work wiv the l8st update cuz I really want teen pregnancy in my game going to download it l8er hope it works 😉

  12. Artemis says:

    I could kiss you! I could just kiss you! Best to avoid me cause if I find you I’m probably going to rape you from joy.

    Thank you for updating!

  13. Benji-Ryan says:

    Will there be an update for the June 11th patch? The one with Newcrest and all that jazz??? No rush 🙂

  14. Tore Andreas says:

    Hey. When do you think the next update is?

  15. Mcknjz says:

    Do you have an update for Version yet?

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