I don’t plan to put anything new up, for reasons explained on the main blog. I was going to link to some mods I’d created that weren’t published on modthesims2 or sexysims2 because by that time they were more interested in deleting my posts, but I don’t see the point. I’ve set the record straight. If people want to ignore the truth, that’s their problem. They can live blind, if they like. Done and Dusted. I’ll leave the rotten pickings to the vultures.

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  1. simcooper ( sims fan ) says:

    im so sorry for you that modders has stealed your work , and claimed as they own .
    they where jaleus becaus you was good and they dint know where to start.
    i love your work and i am not the only one , i understand why u stop . if this would happen to me i would stop too . i only want to say is that your just a geniues and that i look up too you 😉

    -simcooper ( a sim fan , your mod fan )-

  2. lostaccount says:

    Just wanted to say something today about all the kind words and people who left comments (still reading through them in their hundreds). There’s a lot of love out there. It’s nice to know people did appreciate what I tried to do. Sorry I had to stop. Hope you still enjoy your games. Peace. 🙂

    • amanda says:

      hi im looking for a teen whoo mid that doesnt give them a miissing bump if u could email it to me that would be good

  3. Sierra says:

    Hey man. I just wanna start off by saying how much it annoys me when people copy others work and claim it as their own. I can imagine how you feel.

    This mod is unique. Utterly unique, and its a shame to see it wasted for the sake of a few petty morons. I do not, as a matter of principle, use Facebook, else I would attempt to contact you there, but I was wondering if perhaps you would e-mail me a copy of your mods (I have Sim3 Showtime, v12.someting).

  4. Sierra says:

    Oh, and reading you’re …explicit… posts about your distaste to the pirates, I would suggest poetry as a potential career. At any rate, good luck in your endeavors. Hopefully the future will be kinder.

  5. Sil says:

    Hiya…. Just wanted to add my two cents of support. Love your mods, your blog and your FB page. Btw, check out the newest info on MTS. Seems like someone has stolen stuff and posted it on Sims4Forum. It has a paid club “membership” (gasp!) and therefore the theft is considered more heinous.

    Just remember: haters are gonna hate and lovers are gonna love…. hugs from one lover to another.

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