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Inteen 4 update Version 1.7.65

Inteen update for (I know I’m a few patches behind but I’m catching up. I’ll be updating for 1.8.61 next) Inteen 4 version Inteen 4 + Polygamy version For Simcest and other mods (NoPrivacy, NakedWoohoo, … Continue reading

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Sims 4 Get To Work Update

See latest update below>>> Sims 4 Get To Work Update.

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Haters campaign to have sims 3 mods removed from mediafire!

Since some retarded petty haters campaigned to have my mods removed from Mediafire, I’ve had threats from mediafire to ban my account and delete my numerous files backed up there. I have copies and will upload somewhere else of course … Continue reading

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Sims 4 Get To Work Update

Sims 4 Inteen update 29 May 2015 (NOTE: I forgot to mention that this Inteen update was for version not If you’re experiencing problems and you’re using then that would be why. I’ll try to update for … Continue reading

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All comments for this blog are now turned off.

If you want to contact me directly you can do so via facebook here:

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Rip-off version of my Sims 4 mods already up on MTS in record time. Shame, Shame!

Mod The Sims (shit site that it is)  has a long history of shamelessly ripping off other people’s mods.  Don’t believe me? Just ask other modders. I know of at least three who have suffered the same experience as me.  … Continue reading

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Sims 4 Inteen Teen Marriage/Pregnancy Update

**fixed a bug where ask if single was appearing twice** Only use one of the following, not all Inteen 4 Sims 4 Version 10- Darkpool.rar – this is the main Inteen without added polygamy or anything else, just teen/teen and … Continue reading

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