Forbidden Mods? Who says?

I’m referring to these articles that sprang up everywhere this week talking for the most part about my mods as being “forbidden” mods.
“…That’s where a number of curious mods by BIlly Rand come in. Rand is a modder who specializes in ‘forbidden’ types of mods—during the last couple of days, he’s uploaded videos which showcase teen pregnancy, incest and even polygamy in The Sims 4…”
The article then goes on to discuss these so called forbidden mods.
There are others too, like these:

What’s ridiculous about all this is that there is nothing Forbidden about any of my mods, for Sims 4 or Sims 3. As I’ve said on my facebook page, all this talk of forbidden mods is bullshit. My mods enable romance and marriage. And in the past (and you can find them on here) I created mods for couples counselling as part of a hospital I made which allowed artificial insemination (what’s forbidden about that?), a Registry office marriage mod, and a whole host of similarly innocuous mods. It’s not as though I’m making rape mods or porn animations or anything so dark. In fact, my mods are romance enablers, marriage enablers, pregnancy controllers, and game enhancers. True I did create a miscarriage mod, but that was upon request and primarily as a challenge. As I’ve explained many times online and in my Sims 3 modding book, nobody out there in the modding community (such as it is) knew how to get the pregnancy/alarm system working in such a way as to create a mod like this, so I was hellbent on proving that I could do it. It’s all explained in my book (which you can still buy online by the way, here: But you won’t find anything “forbidden” on here or created by me. Even the ‘Simsual Simcest’ mod is (obviously from the title) a joke and just a bit of harmless fun, and about as taboo/dark as I’ll ever get. Family relations in The Sims game are flimsy at best – we all remove Sims from households, rename them, remove their connections, remake them, juggle them around, it’s part of the fun of playing God, but ultimately it doesn’t mean anything.

Besides, for me it’s all about creative and realistic solutions. If you had a pregnant Sim in your game and wanted to get rid of the pregnancy, wouldn’t it be so dull if someone gave you a mod that went Click and the pregnancy was gone? It’s much more fun to come up with a realistic and creative answer.

Marriage Counselling – Forbidden, since when?
Miscarriages – Forbidden, since when?
Registry Office marriage – Forbidden, since when?
Psychotherapy clinics – Forbidden, since when?
Abortion – Forbidden, since when?
Teenage pregnancy – Forbidden, since when?
Teenage marriage – Forbidden, since when?

Pregnancy Induction – Forbidden, since when?
Artificial insemination – Forbidden, since when?

Polygamy (you may not agree with it, but it’s hardly taboo) – Forbidden, since when?
Same sex marriage and pregnancy – Forbidden, since when?

Maybe the people writing these articles are living on some strange planet where nobody has any tolerance for anybody else’s beliefs, religion, colour, culture or sexuality.

As I said, mostly romance and marriage enablers, and game enhancers. So much for being forbidden.

Well, you get my point! Enough said.

8 Responses to Forbidden Mods? Who says?

  1. Amy C says:

    i like your inteen mod i dont think it bad

  2. adjectivebear says:

    Eh, just consider it free publicity. I doubt I’m the only one who found your mods because of one of those articles.

  3. lauren michelle says:

    I just want to say your mods are totally awesome, and I dont appreciate anyone trying to ostracize you for your work, knowing they probably downloaded it themselves! ignore the haters and speculators and just do you:)

  4. Breana Driscoll says:

    Exactly. though I would still like a version of the miscarriage mod for sims 4 if you ever get around to it.

    and I mean, there’s worse mods that other people make.

    Though a rape mod would be interesting for playing out my storylines. I;m not a sicko, I just write fanfiction and I sometimes write about characters being raped. I had a psychological revelation as to why, but that’s something I would not like to share publicly.

    I mean, they’re just sims. It’s not like I support this shit in real life.

    • lostaccount says:

      I wouldn’t do a rape mod, just doesn’t interest me. And all the other stuff I already did for Sims 3, so feels a bit like going in a circle to have to do it all again.

  5. Breana Driscoll says:

    Also, a labor inducer would be helpful. And/or a pregnancy controller that lets you force twins or triplets.

  6. lostaccount says:

    Well as part of another hospital mod, maybe. 🙂

    • Breana Driscoll says:

      Yeah, and with sims 3, I used Master controller so with sims 4 I can actually use your mods. 🙂 Like I fucking love you.

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