Hospital Mod (note: not the same as ripped off version)

Hospital Revamped vers 10

note this is not the same as the ripped off version created by somebody posting on ModTheSims2 (I think it’s called hospital overhaul or something). Mine is the original, superior version. Trust only the original. 🙂

(Latest version of Insem Mod – was originally called insemination clinic after my abortion clinic) – Works With Most XPs (marriage counselling now works with polygamy)

Added Alien Insemination option

Password: Milne

Note: includes Abortion Clinic

(remove old abortion clinic or any other preg mod before using this)


Alien Insemination (random)

Abortion Clinic (If your Sim has Nurturing or Family trait this will cause Mourning)

Change Baby’s Gender

Induce Labour

Hermaphroditic Insemination

Choose Donor For Insemination

Random Donor Artificial Insemination

Pet Random Donor Insemination

Have A Pet Abortion

Induce Pet Labour

Choose Pet Donor For Insemination

Visit The Psychotherapist Dr. DarkPool (If your Sim is Heartbroken or in Mourning, will be cured and made happy)

Participate In Group Social Psychotherapy (If your Sim is Lonely, Desolate or Stir-Crazy, will meet four new Sims at the session)

MarriageCounselling (If your Sim’s relationship with partner is bad (negative, not liked), will improve relationship under certain circumstances, depending on their compatibility) – Sims will meet at hospital and attend the marriage counselling meeting.

4 Responses to Hospital Mod (note: not the same as ripped off version)

  1. Rainbow_Brite (Nikki Jane) says:

    Hey you! I had to deactivate my fb for awhile so I’m hoping you update here as you update on FB.. if not, I’ll log into someone else’s to get the updated file. I’m SO excited you figured this out! It’s everything I wanted and DREAMED of. You’re amazing! I just had one question, I see it says ‘version 10’ but does that mean this version work with the (hopefully final) patch? 1.66? Thanks for all of your help Billy! 😀

    • lostaccount says:

      Great to hear from you again. I emailed you. As for the hospital mod, I’m not sure if it works with the latest (Future) xp, to be honest. I haven’t tried it since I was sick. Although someone told me that it works fine (my scripts usually don’t need updating) but that the marriage counseling option was bugged. Only way to know for sure unless I test it is to just try it yourself. What’s the worst that can happen? 🙂 Not sure when I’ll be updating since I got sick.

  2. ShoKKer66 (Chris) says:

    I really wish that I could help. I don’t have alot of knowledge of C#. I really tried to get Inteen working for Future, but it just wouldn’t work for me. It would hang at the very end of the loading screen and never load. I went through it several times using your ebook as a guide adding what I knew needed added but to no avail. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong.
    The Polygamy mod needs updated and I apparently just don’t have the skills. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. Sometimes it will keep it’s settings and sometimes it doesn’t and doesn’t always work from the Registry either.Maybe I will dig into it, if you don’t but I’m not counting on myself to get it done.
    Thanks for the wonderful mods and definitely thanks for the latest Inteen for Future. Amazing work!

  3. T says:

    i love this mod. I had the simlogical one until i found this one and then i switched. The only thing im missing from the other one is being able to go to the hospital and have the sims tubes tide or vasectomy. I dont know if its possible with your mod, but i thought id mention it and see if its something you had thought of adding. Either way, i prefer this one. It also makes my game run better ! Thanks.

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