Inteen 3 running on Ambitions.

Was playing the game today with my animations work (still sketchy) and using Inteen updated for Ambitions and decided to upload some shots.

No download, so up yours AD85, you thief. Take your rubbishy, ripped-off, slow-your-computer-down, dogshit copy of my mod and stick it as far as it will go.

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  1. Nikki says:

    Is there anyway that you will ever post this mod? I really loved your work and was sad when you left 😦 I loved using Inteen in my game and when that new person over at SexySims took over your mod.. it was too confusing and sketchy for me so I ended up going and using AwesomeMod 😦

    • lostaccount says:

      Check your email. I sent you something. πŸ™‚

      Probably forgot to mention, it has Silent Pregnancy in it. So if you don’t hear the jingle, you’ll know why. Won’t be doing any more updates in the near future, as I am going back to Jamaica as planned. Sooner than I’d anticipated. When I get home, I probably won’t have time or the inclination to sit at a computer … I can’t wait.

      • TbirdMan says:

        This is probably a long shot, but is there any way to get the latest version of this mod? it is unfortunate that a few stupid people have to ruin it for everyone else.

    • Charlie says:

      Will it be possible to get your latest inteen mod too? I really cant see anyone making these mods anymore

  2. Liana says:

    Hello ^^

    You’re a talended modder as I can see ^^

    I have a story project and for that, I need a recent version of your Inteen 3 please.

    I want a version compatible with : 1.11/2.6 and 1.12/2.7/4.0 (I have The Sims 3, World Adventures and Ambitions)

    Thanks in advance ^^

  3. Sarah says:

    I really miss your mod. Those who took it over have just made things way to difficult and sketchy for my liking. So as a result, some of the fun and story lines I’ve had previously are now not possible because I just don’t deal with mods that give me that “feeling” that something just isn’t right. Anyways, I am sorry to hear of what occurred to you within the community, its not right and not fair. Sorry to see you go!

  4. Paulina Acevedo says:

    You’re awesome =D
    Can I have your mod ? =(
    As Nikki I love your Inteen mod too and I’ll miss your great mods in the future…
    Can I?? =(

    pleeaasseee ='(

  5. Nikki says:

    Thank you Lostaccount! πŸ™‚

  6. bshupe811 says:

    Hi Lostaccounts. I came across your blog online when I was curious to why you were not active on Modthesims anymore. I would like to personally say that I’m sorry that the modders on the site stole your work. I personally loved your inteen on the sims 3 and I still play with your abortion clinic for my teens. lol. Anyway, I hope that one day you will return to modding publically because you really do great work. Of course now that I have the sims 3 ambitions, the mods don’t work anymore except the Abortion clinic, I think. If you every came back to modding I think it would be just great because there really are people out there that appreciate your work. Good luck with your computer job.
    Your fan,

  7. Amers says:

    I’m so sorry that stupid people feel the need to make things sucky for smart people.
    I’m even MORE sorry that the websites you posted on (whom I thought had a sense of decency & fair play) acted like jerks, when it was YOUR work that people like me were looking for.
    Under the circumstances (although I am sad your cool mods are no longer available), I think you’ve done the right thing. Sorry to see you go!

  8. Spensika says:

    im very sorry about those thiefs that stole your mods.
    huge problem.
    i just found the problem today why my mods didnt work! i didnt have resource.cfg:(
    my mods finally worked and i went on modthesims thinking (yay i can use inteen!!) and your mod wasnt there!
    i tried tons of other mods like the woohooer(didnt work)
    and the other inteen 3 (by BaXim)
    no luck:(
    is there anyway i could get inteen? i guess i was too late. thanks and sorry again and i would have loved it if i knew what to do with resource.cfg D:

  9. Ikekudeyg says:

    I have tried very hard to recreate what Inteen 3 did for my ambitions. Mainly cause I did not want to ask for it handed to me. I wanted to try to figure out how it was done, simply for future patches breaking it if I was able to get it running. It has confused me to no end. If you could please find yourself willing to share it I would be very appreciative. I promise I will not upload it anywhere. I have just been trying to get it to work and have not figured out how to do it…too complex for me, currently used to XML tuning. I can make fire that never stops spreading but not teens get pregnant. Thank you for your time taken reading this assuming that you ever get the chance. Good luck with life, may you always walk down a fruitful path.

  10. Traci says:

    I really wish this was up here, I’d love to add it to my game. I read you’re whole site, and I can’t believe people this days. I’d like to let you know that I hold a lot of respect for you and think you are a fantastic modder and I decided that you’re the best.


  11. Traci says:

    You are amazing. People are not so.
    I’d love to get this mod pleasee.
    If not, I will in fact miss your modding, you are so great.

  12. Toriblu says:

    Hi Lostaccount, I’m so glad I found you!!! I also had been looking for your inteen mod I’m sorry about these haters up here but can I get a copy of the inteen mod???Thank you.

  13. Ansible says:

    Hi, I’m sorry for the bad experience you had with modding.

    I am curious, does your mod allow romance between teens and young adults? It always bothers me, when a sim grows up, his/her high school love is suddenly nothing more than a friend, even though it might still have a romance wish with that sim.

  14. lostaccount says:

    Check your emails.

    If you didn’t get a reply from me, it’s because I had so many comments since I was here last that I still need time to read through everything. My time online is very limited these days.

  15. diva says:

    could i please have the inteen mod also i can’t find any others that was good has yours i used it lot

  16. Pimento says:

    Your teen pregnancy mod is greatly missed. 😦 I never realized how much I used them until I couldn’t anymore. I guess I’m really impatient to see how genetics play out (a lot of my past families were made up from teen parents).

  17. Helaine says:

    I haven’t Simmed in a year. Took a break because i started school. Sad to see that there is not an inteen mod anymore. It was my only reason for simming since it made it realistic. Good look in your future endeavors and if you ever post it again, I’ll be waiting. Thieves, you suck and messed it up for the rest of us good people who just like to leave reality every now and again!!!!

  18. lostaccount says:

    Everyone who sent requests, I promise I’ll have some time either tonight or tomorrow to send what you’re asking for.

    • diva says:

      thank you so much for sending me your mod xxx

    • Lynn says:


      was wondering if you got my comment? it was posted on june 24th.

      and also keep up the good work on this mod! πŸ™‚

      • lostaccount says:

        Sorry, been offline for almost a year (not sure how long, lost track of time). But I don’t think I’ll ever do any modding again. For a number of reasons. Mainly because of everything that happened, but also I just don’t have the time anymore to get stuck into it.

  19. Toriblu says:

    Thanks so much

  20. bshupe811 says:

    OOhhhh Can I have it too!?

  21. Thank you so much for all of your help! You’re awesome πŸ™‚

  22. Spensika says:

    thank you so much! your my herooo πŸ˜€

  23. Melodie9 says:

    Do you know what i like the most about this game?

    the endless possibilities people like you add to it and i’m sad that because of what happened a lot of people are gonna miss a great mod that could have made the game so much more interesting. I hope that this experience won’t keep you from sharing your work ever again because i would really like to have the ‘Inteen3’ again someday.

    Keep up the good work.

  24. userunknown says:

    If you could send me your updated mod that would be great. I tried Baxims mod & couldn’t get it to work correctly.I’ve appreciated your work from the start,especially sims2 style jealousy. Actually I reinstalled Sims 3 & only updated enough to play your version.

    Anyways good luck in your future endeavors.

  25. Baxmolzac says:

    Hey Lostaccount, I admire your work so much!! i just read your blog and i am deeply sorry to hear that other modders treated you that way just because they knew that they couldn’t do anything nearly as awesome. Much like the other people that have commented I love your work and would be extremely appreciative if you could please send me the Inteen 3 mod too, but I totally understand if you can’t. Thanks so much for everything you’ve done. πŸ™‚

  26. Ansible says:

    Could you send it to me too?
    Currently I am thinking about reinstalling and only updating to a previous version to use the outdated mod.

  27. Melodie9 says:

    i’m glad that you’re still updating your mod for yourself and if you decide that you are ready to share your work again be sure that a lot of us will appreciate it.

    Thanks for the email

  28. Jay says:

    Hi Lostaccount.

    Sorry to hear that you’ve had such a rough go on the modding circuit. Inteen was an awesome addition that will be missed by a lot of people. I know how it feels to have someone steal your work, but don’t worry. Karma eventually sets in. Hilarity ensues. Sit back with your popcorn and watch the guilty party(ies) twist in the wind :-). Glad to year that you haven’t given up on modding all together and that at least some people can still enjoy your excellent work. Take care, happy simming!

  29. Mary says:

    Hi, lostaccount. I’m not familiar with your work directly on MTS2 and the other sites, but after reading your blog, I’m glad I don’t use sites like that for anything. They just seems sketchy to me…I’m happy I could hear a first-hand account of what really goes on there. I would love to have this mod, I’m about to download Abortion Clinic right now. I love that you’ve updated them for Ambitions; I stay on top of the game when I comes to EPs and Stuff Packs, so I’m glad you’re keeping up as well (:
    Thanks for your story and your mods.

  30. TehLars says:

    I am so sorry for how the sims modding community has been treating you.
    May i have a Inteen 3 mod for sims 3 Ambitions, I won’t post it anywhere on teh Internet

  31. Elynn says:

    I really love your mod and appreciate all that you’re doing for this mod.

    my game is not same without this.

    would you be sharing this mod again?

  32. AnnieBonnie says:

    I can’t believe I haven’t found your site before!! *pulls hair out*. Thanks for all the mods you’ve made, sweetie. And I’m very sorry for the things you suffered… I know what that is like…

  33. Mal_9000 says:

    As with so many others i found out abit late about what has gone on. Massive shame that the jealousy and arrogance of others have driven you to the decision you have made. I have just recently had to reinstall The Sims 3 after a windows reinstall. Was absolutely gutted to log into modthesims to find out your mod was no longer available. Would greatly appreciate it if you could send me a link to your fantastic mod. It makes my Sims experience all the better.
    Really appreciate all the effort thats has gone into the mods all these years. If i get another chance to use your mod i will defiantely back it up somewhere so i dont lose it again…..promise lol. Thanks again in advance

  34. Magda says:

    I am so glad I found your blog! =)
    I’m truly sorry for all your troubles with theft and pure jealousy. Some people just don’t care and do anything. I hope it won’t put your off creating and sharing your useful mods.
    I hope you decide to share Inteen 3 – it was truly amazing mod.
    Best regards!

  35. Stinchbird says:

    I miss your mod. Wish I never updated for ambitions because the version I had doesn’t work anymore. 😦

  36. lostaccount says:

    I think I’ve now replied to most of you, but if you still haven’t had a reply please message me again because I think some comments were snatched by the spam filter which picks up proxies and all the spam was deleted.

    I sent an updated version (added more options and adult romance dreams/wishes enabled for teens etc. etc. the list is too long to go into) to most of you. Seems so far to be the most stable version. Can’t say I’ll be updating if a patch comes up from EA for AMB. Most probably not.

    • Sarah says:

      I really miss your mod in my game… Too bad it’s not available anymore as it really was the best. I hope you’ll eventually share it again.

  37. Mal_9000 says:

    Thank you for sending me your great mod. Gonna greatly enhance my Sims 3 experience again. Not least because i had my son age to a teen yesterday and now i can kick his ass out basically hahaha. Thanks again for the effort you continue to put in so people can enjoy your mod πŸ˜€

  38. Magda says:

    Thank you for e-mail! =)
    Best regards!

  39. NeeZee says:

    Dude, it fucks my head up that people are so mean and fucked up, to just go and still your shit all willy Nilly, as if they created it smh the shit is sick, I understand your anger frustration and more, I would be burning shit down if someone stole my mods. πŸ˜‰
    But I hop you can find it in your heart to post the link or give the link, to us Sim lovers that loved inteen and would love it for the ambitions ep. Your an uberrr talented mod creator, that’s why I’ve been watching your work for the longest, this will be my first download though lol. I suck i know lol. But your the best, awesome, kick ass in my eyes, I wish I could create those things but smh I suck. I have not the patience, or focus too hahaha. But fo real your awesome dude.
    And I ask for you to upload the inteen ambitions ep mod or even email it to me. I will greatly be in your debt and love you forever hehehe.


  40. lostaccount says:

    Well I’ve had a lot of requests but I’ll be going away for a while so I’ll have to deal with them when I return. I’m thinking of setting up some sort of mailing list for updates, although I’m not sure I’ll be doing anything more with this mod unless another XP comes out. But by then, who knows where any of us will be? … πŸ™‚

    • Nin says:

      Okay, thanks for replying. I’ll just wait until you return. Enjoy your trip.

    • Bella Jean says:

      I hope everything is okay and I hope that your trip is for you to relax & get away from it all. Thank you again! Have fun & hopefully one day we’ll see you soon!

    • Cia says:

      OMG O_O

      I always wondered why you had stopped updating, I’d looked over your sites, then some started disappearing and I was so confused. I can’t believe the bullshit you’ve had to deal with, some people need to just grow the fuck up, honestly. I ended up stopping playing the Sims 3 for awhile, just got back into it recently, loving Ambitions, but was devastated when I couldn’t use your mods with it. Now I can’t even get the Abortion mod to work with this new shitty mod I’ve been using in-lieu of yours. Blech.

      I hope your climbing the ladder in the gaming business and eagerly look forward to the chance of you creating your own game eventually. You definitely have the talent!

    • Flamebat says:

      It’s a shame you decided to stop modding for the Sims 3, I was curious and looked for it, apparently it’s been all but erased from existence, which makes me kind of sad, I doubt you’ll check this, but I’d love if I might get a copy of the mod? I wish all the best, have a good day, though I doubt you still check this blog as it hasn’t been updated in a while…

  41. Faby says:

    Man, I really love your mods. I once got the abort clinic (I was using your teen pregnancy and it’s a very long story n.n’) but it got deleted when I had to reinstal my game because of some crappy mods I found on google. I’m used to download things at modthesims and could not believe when I came here. I’m really sorry for all those things they did to you. I really wanted teen pregnancy back :/ Tahnks for creating it ^-^

  42. Sarah says:

    Looks like I’ve just missed you on your leave of absence 😦 I’ve always admired your work and it’s a shame that the modding community has treated you this way and it’s also a shame that you’ve decided to stop posting your mods; but it is quite understandable. I’d very much appreciate a copy of your latest inteen and to be part of any mailing list you come up with. Have a safe journey home!

  43. suniibee says:

    hi i have been a fan of your work and to hear that u stopped was shocking but i understand because of all those theives who ruined the fun for everyone, your abortion mod still works in my game with ambitions by the way but its no fun if the teens can’t get preggers….perhaps you own website might stop the theives from getting your work.

  44. Niki says:

    Sorry for the suffering you (are/were) going through. It’s a shame though, because all of a sudden I decided I wanted a storyline going on and I needed something like a taboo mod, and yours was gone! DX Damn thieves, they always ruin everyone else’s fun!!!!!!

  45. frankie says:

    im so gutted ur not releasing this mod – its just what im after! such a shame that certain people have to spoil it for everyone else isnt it 😦

  46. Renee says:

    Hello Lostaccount,

    I’m so very sorry about how you were treated, makes one think of how four year olds would act, you know? I wish people would grow more mature as they get older, but I guess not. It was extremely wrong what they have done to you and very childish, and though I did not get to use many of your mods, I loved the ones I did get the brief use of.
    I’m glad that you are no longer being harassed and have been able to enjoy your game in peace. If it’s not too much trouble would you mind sending me a version of the Inteen 3 for 1.12? I would be eternally thankfully, your mods are the only ones that seem to be much fun and as great and expertly created as they are. I have been searching for months for your stuff and can no longer find much of anything. I’m very sad that it had to come to you leaving, but you made the right decision. = )

    Ps. I loved the song you posted a month back, I’ve never heard it before, but I think I’ll start listening to the band. lol Thanks so much, and have a great time where ever you may be!

  47. Renee says:

    P.s.s. Here’s a song as well. lol xD Hope it’s okay.
    RED- Already Over:
    Link: Url=
    Have a great night! :3

  48. Jennifer says:

    No no no you cant go to Jamaica and do nothing anymore with your awesome mods. I looked everywhere on the internet to find your mods. O well I hope you enjoy Jamaica (wish I was there, ha ha). Keep in touch, and if you are still here or cant miss your compu overthere, please send me your last inteen for WA. Bye

  49. Dee says:

    I just want to say a big screw you to all the jealous people that caused you to remove your mod. I just started playing TS3 and was hoping there was a teen pregnancy hack, only to find what you posted. I’ve been playing the sims games since 2005, and I have no doubt that everything you said is true. There is so much envy and jealousy in the community that it really does make a person sick. I was very active in it at one time, but I just lurk now as it’s too much of a headache otherwise. I don’t blame you one bit and wish you the best.

  50. Matt says:

    Looking great! I still haven’t picked up any of the TS3 expansions as I lose interest quickly nowadays. Just not as interesting with the lack of your style mods 😦

  51. hfok says:

    Woah, after about 2 hours of digiing, I’ve finally come to this page.
    Sad story and I still have no clue why people hate you since you have create so many great mods.

    To be honest, I’m just another sims player looking for your mod but it seems the mod will never have an actuall link to it.

    I’ve tried to even search for someone’s leak/ copy of your mod in google, but no success.

    I hope I can grat your approve to use the teen mod created by you.


  52. Bella Jean says:

    This makes me very sad…why did you have to go and show me pictures of Inteen3 working w/ Ambitions lol j/k. There is nothing out there that compares to your creations & I have just decided to go with out Inteen in my game instead of uploading some thing else that is “similar”, because it does not even compare. My game is SO freaking boring with out it though. It’s amazing how much you & your creations have changed the Sims for me and lots of other people. I really am going to miss your creations & I am totally bummed that I missed out on Inteen3. I totally understand why you removed it though…I can’t believe that you had to put up with all that crap. You held out longer then I would of been able to with those idiots. If one day you ever decided to share it again I would love to be able to use it again. But that is your decision because it is your creation. I realize why you might never share it again, but if you decided that something you would do you sure would put a big smile on my face. Thank you for everything you have done for the Sims community you really disserve more recognition & praise then what you got! !
    Thank you again,
    Bella Jean

  53. Dee says:

    Finally found your blog. Thank goodness..
    I wanted to experiment with my Sim and your Inteen 3 looks very interesting..
    I’m very sorry for all the problems that you’ve had.
    I really think that you’re a great modder and I really hope to get your Inteen 3.
    I hope everything will be okay and all the troubles will go away..

  54. courtneyshea says:

    I used your mod for a long time and it was the greatest thing ever made for the sims 3. I didn’t need teen pregnancy, but the taboo versions were simply indispensable to me in a story I was working on. Unfortunately, I was forced to patch my game after an re-install due to a new computer, and I have realized I can no longer find your mod. I have visited the sites you listed and Baxims adds way more than needed, and I would never use Ad85’s, as he stole from you and that detestable! I would love to be on your mailing list if you ever do decide to work on this mod in the future.

  55. Alysira says:

    Wow, sucks i never got a try this mod before is disappeared, would love to try it makes the game so much more realistic.

  56. Kazalyn says:

    Hi Lostaccount. Been following your work since early sims 2 times. I recently had a break from sims and was sad to see you where gone when I come back. I’ve been following some of the history (seen some of the weird comments of your near bug free mods, copies of your work with shit coding between) and in the end of my sims 2 period I was so sick of badly made mods I stopped using anything, but your mods. I looked all over the sites for inteen3 and was glad when I finely found your blog. I just started play sims 3 again, catching up with all expansions and stuff, but the game really lost its spark without your mods. Still, I understand you completely (there is a special place in hell for those people who can’t respect the copyright law), thank you for everything you have done for us sims players!


  57. Daze says:

    IDK if you are still reading this because I just started playing the Sims again went to look for you and you were gone:( Sorry to see you leave your mods made playing fun…hope you change your mind one day

  58. Nicole says:

    Hey Lostaccount, I just read your blog about how everyone stole your ideas and why you stopped modding, and I’m so sorry! It seems so sad that it happened. Also, this mod seems AWESOME! I’ve tried getting Inteen to work with Ambitions, but I can’t get it to work, and it makes me SO MAD!! I’m happy that you can do all this and not have your work stolen, but I wish I could have it so bad! Oh well, great work!
    With encouragement,

  59. Trina says:

    i would really like to have my teens whoohoo and have adult relations. I am sorry they stole your mods,you are very talent please do not stop modding because of haters

  60. Jonathan says:

    I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to know if I could get a copy of your mod, as everyone else’s doesn’t seem to work the way they listed theirs would. Sounds like the people shoveled only dung in your face, but you have lots of fans that still want to see you progress in this game and in life. Thank you for your time.

  61. Daniella says:

    i’m terribly sorry for what all the other modders did 😦 that’s effed up of them to do that & it sucks that it had to come down to this, not being able to share your lovely creations 😦

    if i’m not too late to the party, i’d love a link to this πŸ˜€ does it work with base game only though? haven’t gotten around to getting the rest of the xp -.-

  62. Juzif says:

    Hi There,
    I’m really sorry for 2 things, taking too long to find out about your awesome efforts in moding the Sims, and the second that you left the arena ground for the idiots … !!! it is really shame to see such talent go behind the scene, and I really wish if you can launch your own moding Site to slap them back in the face. But I’m sure you are working on something better so allow me to wish you the best of luck, your story just reminded me with so many good talents killed by pure ignorance. Would love to try out your mods when you decide it is the time to share them, so please accept me in your supporters list …

  63. Ali says:

    Aww, now you just torturing me! I have a few mods and the only ones that I know don’t work are teen woohoo and teen pregnancy! I wish SOOO bad people weren’t douche bags and you didn’t have to stop modding!!!! Oh well, I’ll just suffer… Haha, if only I could be as lucky as the other guys that got it when you still were modding!! :/

    You did a great job!!
    -Ali ❀

  64. Naomi says:

    Can you Plz Post this Mod Again πŸ™‚

  65. Heather says:

    I think its a real shame that some snarky selfish bastards have to ruin things for the rest of us 😦 I just heard about Inteen3 and was so excited to grab it, but then came across this website and was upset to see that stupid inconsiderate people forced you to leave the modding community. I would love to receive your mod to allow teen marriage and pregnancy if you would be so kind

    …and to those cretins…may the fleas of a million camels nest in your pubic hair πŸ˜‰

  66. Murasame says:

    Hope things are going well for you, especially with the game you’re working on. Just wanted to extend my sympathies regarding having your work stolen. I used to be just a lowly member of modsthesims2 and sexysims2 because it was easiest to get decent files there over other communities.

    Was going to goof off with Sims 3 one last time before Sims Medieval came out when I came across this whole debacle. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you come up with for Sims Medieval, if you do anything with it, even if you don’t release it to the community. Just remember, even though the modders may not like you – out of jealousy – the common downloaders do like what you do.

  67. bogusj says:

    You are by far the best modder I’ve seen in the Sims world!
    I believe you took the game to a whole new level!
    You’ve done things that are unimaginable and in my opinion you liberated the game.
    It’s really sad that you left, but in my opinion, you did the right thing!
    Shame on them, ALL of them!
    I am a programmer myself and when they steal my code I’m also furious!
    Why don’t you open your own site? A site for people with integrity who they would respect everyone’s work? I am sure you will have a lot of followers!
    Is there any chance for me to have the updates of your mod? and did you make any updates for the late night?

  68. Teremei says:

    It’s too bad ppl stole your work. All I really want is teen/teen teen/young adult relationship plus teen pregnancy. And don’t want to download a whole bunch of uneeded crap. Have you got this working on Late Night? I guess I will patiently wait, maybe some day something like this will be available without having to download some huge mod with tons of stuff I don’t want, or need. Good luck to ya wherever you go.

  69. Jenna says:

    Damn this sucks… I’m super disappointed to hear that you have stopped creating this mod! I just got The Sims 3 and was excited to hear that there was a teen pregnancy mod. Guess I am late to the party, and that you stopped creating this mod. Props to you, as it was my favorite and by far best mod of the game!

  70. Laydee says:

    Looks like I jumped on the Sims 3 Wagon too late. 😦 I will keep searching..

  71. Maldric says:

    It horrible that the very community you were apart of would turn on you over something as petty as discovering it first. I love your mods and I only wish I can have a copy. Unfortunately I am only finding AD85’s work and his are known to slow and crash (and I would rather not have that). So I was hoping I could get a copy of your InTeen3?

    Sincerely yours,

  72. Beth says:

    I know it’s been going on a year since your last post but I figured I’d give this a shot anyway. I’m really sorry about everything that happened on the other websites. I know first hand how that feels, I made some break through modifications for a particular car transmission and it was no time before thieves were swooping in trying to see what I’d done and copying my work as their own while trying to smear my name through the mud. It’s utterly disgusting and I truly feel for what you went through.

    In any case, I hope all is well with you and that perhaps you might have made it back home. (Sure wish I was able to do the same.) If you happen to have played around with the code for Late Night and Outdoor Living Stuff I would just love it if you would send it to me. If you haven’t, then that’s all good. I do hope that you are well wherever you are.

    Best wishes from a fan in the USofA!

  73. Kerrigan24 says:

    I really really want this mod. This makes me sad. Why do freaking greedy little thiefs have to ruin it for the rest of us simmer who simply want realism to be a part of their game…and NO I am not a perv, but I am an adult and I should be allowed to view adult things…lol

  74. Katie Richins says:

    I really wish your inteen mod was still out there 😦 your mods are awesome 😦 😦 😦 I’d love to have it

  75. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to get this from you, or if you have one updated for Generations. I’ve always loved using the mods but when you took them down off SexySims2 I could never find them. I like having everything possible, and always used the uber taboo and inteen and everything. If you ever put these up for download again please let me know. πŸ™‚ But after redaing your blog I dont blame you for pulling them down one little bit.

  76. Dee says:

    How can I get the Inteen 3 mod? I love inteen so much and it would probably make playing that wretched sims 3 worthwhile.

  77. egchandl says:

    I realize that this is probably a moot point, seeing as the last comment was in the summer of 2010, but I felt I had to leave a comment for you, as I admire your work so much.
    I have been using your mods as far back as I can remember! (I can’t remember TS2 without them!) I was so fascinated by how you were doing it, and read as much as I could about your work and patches, etc. (I am not a modder, nor do I have very much computer experience at all…) Your guides were easy to follow, and you completely made my Sims experience. I’m telling you – your modifications, along with Warlokk and Pescado and a couple others, gave that game the real replay factor. Had it not been for you, I would have stopped playing years ago. I still played TS2 up until last summer when I left for grad school, because I knew that TS3 wouldn’t be the same without your mods, and there was so much BS going on, and rather than worrying about patches and whatnot, even though I own TS3, I just chose to keep playing TS2. For goodness sakes, so much drama over what should be fun! Your work deserves to be celebrated! Do you have any idea how much fun and enjoyment you’ve given to countless people all over the world?!
    I always wondered how modders like you could be so selfless… to do so much for so many for nothing! I was really disappointed when I read your blog…and I’ve been thinking about it since so I’m finally commenting. It makes me so angry when people muddle with the potential that the internet has for selfless interactions. Most of the web subscribes to Penny Arcade’s “Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory”… and here you are, doing your awesome thing… I’m just so sorry! And frustrated on your behalf!
    Well, I just wish you the best of everything. I understand you’ve moved on, and it’s probably a good thing for you. I must just say though, I agree with those who suggest you should open a pay site. You know, I pay for stuff online all the time through subscriptions and otherwise that don’t give me nearly as much fun as your mods have. I wish you would consider it… Even if in general you don’t subscribe to that philosophy – that you believe in free modding and all around sharing – I would totally subscribe to a site of yours. In fact, I think I should send you some money anyway – I figure I owe you back pay for all the great fun you gave me with TS2. Just send the bill to my email address. πŸ™‚

  78. CrazyKitten says:

    Before i got my sims 3 game in the post i looked at all the great mods and stuff i could get. Your iteen 3 mod was on websites and stuff but i noticed that i was other people saying that they had made it not you!!! I was really happy when i saw that you had a website and were still showing people and making people notice that it was you who made it first!! πŸ™‚

  79. sadravin says:

    I’m a fan of your mod. I’v used it back when only sims3 was out. I can’t play the game without it, so I was just wondering if you plan to rig up sims3 Generations. If not, then Ill just find another game to play. BTW, I agree with you, I don’t mod games, I just use them, and I have just started learning Unity3d and C#, so I think that you are right to feel burned by the modding community and I am ashamed to even look at them now. You should check them out now, they b falling They have come up with a whole lot of nothing, “It’s a dry well ser.” Only mods worth any thing are the teen woohoo, preg, and anti-jealous, with bust size sliders, oh and increase amount of sims in your house to 16-ish, thats all and I’m happy, and I cant find any of these. So you pull a lot of weight in the sims world to me. Thank you for enriching my life, and my sims lives while it lasted.

  80. Kriskty says:

    I need this mod! Your mods are awesome by the way and Tell the people who don’t like it to suck it! πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  81. Kazy says:

    Hi lostaccount! Been flowing you thru the years and i wrote a long message about what your mods has meant for me and my sims life a couple of months ago.

    The Sims isn’t complete without your mods.

    Hope you are well!


  82. little saint says:

    Hi Lostaccount. Can you email me your mods. I really want to try it. thanks.

  83. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the great mod. I miss it greatly with ambition. Would you please also send me the latest version? I hope that you will continue to enjoy modding. There’s nothing like putting creative genius to work!

  84. Max Rahl says:

    Wow …let me begin by saying …shame on you!

    Wait, read on.

    I speak not to Lostaccount but to the miriad sims 3 modders who are to lazy to do their own work.

    Today is the fist time I’ve ever looked for a mod to allow marriage/woohoo/pregnancy for teens in the Sims 3, and after a short (and fruitless) google search I find this blog and read of the horrors that one, clearly exceptional, modder has been through …I am appalled. I don’t blame you in the slightest for departing the company of the aforemntioned Thieves but may I say …damn, do I wish you were still releasing mods.

    It saddens me greatly that the modding community has lost such an interesting and competant asset.

    Good Luck in whatever you do lostaccount …I’m bookmarking your blog btw, just incase you change your mind down the road.


  85. The Freak says:

    I’m sure I’m waaaay late to this discussion but I onoly got to start playing SIMS3 recently. I finally got bothered, and I recalled that there where some cool mods. A google search and I found you, with the mods I recalled πŸ™‚

    So while not expecting much, I would love to get my hands on the mods. πŸ™‚

  86. Siobhan says:

    I’ve just come across this blog via a google search for Inteen style mods for the sims 3. I would have really have liked to try your mod and I’m sorry to hear about the way you treated at those other sites. Some people are inconsiderate of the hard work that goes into these sorts of things, I know I’d never be able to do anything like it… I wouldn’t know where to begin lol. Anyway I just wanted to say that I hope some day those people will have the same happen to them and realise just what they did to, not only yourself but to gamers who, from reading all of the other posts regarding your leaving, enjoyed your work and were greatful of the time you spent on it πŸ™‚ xx

  87. bobo says:

    hey lostaccount, are you still doing this mod? inteen looks great, always wanted to do some crazy stories with insest and such, shame you never came back, i’d love to have this on generations

  88. Jacob says:

    Hey there, I have read through your posts and can really empathize with you on having hard work stolen out from under you, without a shred of credit given. I used to be a part of a cracking group,
    (that shall remain unnamed) and donated a lot of time and knowledge only to have my insights stolen and re-posted by a rival group using an assumed name. It truly does hurt to be ripped off by the very community that is supposed to be on your side.
    I was an avid user of some of your previous mods for The Sims 3 and would very much appreciate it if you could send me a copy of your latest Inteen 3 mod, as I would love to use it again to enhance my Simming experience.

    Endless thanks, Jacob

  89. Gabs says:

    lol. This entry’s old, but I don’t care. I’m here to share with you my point of view, Lostaccount. Honestly, I had no idea most of the modders in the Sims 3 community can be like that. How can they be so idiotic and childish? Wow, jealousy? Such an ugly thing. It’s disgusting how they couldn’t be happy for you or ask you for a bit of advice. No, they decided to be bitter assholes. 😐 Anyways, I remembered back when you released that mod, the look on my face–I loved it so much! It helped me with a story that I was working on (it’s scrapped now because I don’t think it was going in the right direction). o u o Thank you for that mod. It was loads of fun. I was wondering on what happened to it, why it was never updated and all that, and I’m glad I found the truth. Now if you can excuse me, I must stalk your blog, you lovely person you. ❀ I would ask if you can send that mod to me, but you might not want to or you may not stumble upon this comment.

  90. lister15 says:

    Hi, i loved your work on The Sims 2 mods and was looking for similar on The Sims 3. Finding out what happened though made me just think it’s time to learn to do this myself. I do have this to say though, very good job on all of your modding work and if they can backstab like this then let them rot. They’ll need you long before you need them.

  91. Anonymous says:

    A year after your last post i decided to ask you if you would reconsider your decision not to share your mod with the community. I think sims3 is a great game, but without your mod its just… empty. Please let me waste more time playing with your mod. Thanks for your hard work for us simple players.

  92. Sarah Roy says:

    I really wish that you were still around. I have been searching everywhere for teen pregnancy mods for about 3 years now. I just came across you today. I sure wish that I could use this mod. I have gotten every single pack for the Sims 3 and just about every single pack for Sims 2. I really love to play them. They have been my way unwinding after a long day. πŸ˜€

  93. ~susieCC says:

    I just had to leave this message, i am absolutely disgusted at the way you have been treated by the so called community. You and your mods deserve their due credit. I hope eventually you’ll start modding again so that we (the playing community not modding lol) can have the versitility that we used to in our games. I loved having inteen3 for my game but since i got ambitions and generations they no longer work, will you ever consider updating for generations ?

  94. lostaccount says:

    Thanks for all your comments – I’m still going through them and sorry I didn’t reply to any emails. I wasn’t being rude – it was simply that I’ve not been on this site in a long time and in fact I hadn’t touched a single sim (lol) in over a year. Been away from UK, and although I had internet access I stayed away from sim sites and the game, for obvious reasons. But recently had some time off work and had a look at all the packs that have come out for the game. Jesus, can’t believe how much stuff EA has released already! Still not sure if I’ll ever have the time to mod like I used to. Modding the sims 3 is really labour intensive. Most of you don’t need me now anyway. There’s tons of stuff out there now. Important thing is to stay happy, enjoy your pastimes. Peace.

    • Sarah Roy says:

      I would really appreciate it if you could do some more mods. I know that it has got to be very time consuming. I was actually kinda surprised to see that you had responded. I tried some of the other mods that are out there and none of them worked for me. They instead caused my game to start acting funky. I wanted to use the teen pregnancy mod for some personal stories. I can’t do it though because the other mods don’t work at all. It is very frustrating for me, but I understand if you can’t/won’t do it. πŸ™‚ I hope that all goes well with you. I am not as very well versed in the cheats and things for the Sims 3.

  95. Danial says:

    agreed, i really wish the mod was still available somewhere

  96. lostaccount says:

    I think the sites I talked about took all my mods down. Well, the few that were left were outdated anyway and wouldn’t have worked with the expansion packs.

    As for this place, I have over 500 messages pending approval. Bear with me. πŸ™‚

  97. Would it be possible to get your sims 3 inteen mod 😦 i have it on sims 2 and it was soo amazing… it worked so well i used it in almost all of my stories but now i have sims 3 and i dont know what to do???? :/
    – Haleyyy

    • lostaccount says:

      Sorry but I’m not sure if I’ll be releasing the inteen 3 again. I recently installed some of the new xps and getting to grips with them. If I start tinkering with the game again, which usually happens, and if I do end up modding for my own game, you’ll be the first to know. Until then, maybe you could try Baxim’s version of my mod over at those bitch sites I’ve come to hate. Or try twallan’s mod. That might work for you. Forget Pescado’s Awesome mod, it’s a load of pretentious shit, just like Pescado himself. Yep, the bitterness and hate is still festering; may it live on … πŸ™‚

      PS. My advice, stay away from modthesims2. Read my blog on the weirdo who runs the site and I don’t think you’ll want to go back there.

      Anyways, hope you find what you need for the game.

      • Danial says:

        Baxims mod hasn’t been updated since 1.19 and its relative exp updates.

        also its considerably bloaty when all you want is inteen :p

      • lostaccount says:

        I didn’t know that. I thought that somebody somewhere was still updating my old mods. Funny tho when you think about it. I’ve been gone for more than a year and in all that time nobody has come up with anything new. All the modders I had disagreements with have done is overcook my old mods adding stuff on top of them and mostly mangling them in the process. I see nothing out there, no improvements, nobody has come up with anything else, no anim stuff or anything else, just the same old shit. I even saw recently somebody had posted on a site asking after sims2stylejealousy. Man, it’s been a whole year or more.

        I’ve been back in the country a week, logged on to some of my old sites and still feel the venom (voodoo on the fuckers) for the cult of modthesims2 and all those fakers who are a part of Delphy’s creepshow.
        Shit, I’m glad I left and I’m glad I’m not a part of that sordid sims modding cult. They’re all sick and twisted and the more I discover about them the more I realise why I never fitted in. I’m not like them. They’re all either immoral, retarded or perverted.

        I want nothing to do with people like that.

        I say it again, if you’re a modder just starting out, don’t share your stuff with these arseholes. You’ll live to regret it.

  98. victoria says:

    Hi lostaccount
    I was really hoping i could get the inteen3 mod i’ve looked everywhere and cannot find anything good. if u could send me your mod it would be amazing it makes the sims 3 seem more real with these. thanks πŸ™‚ sorry for all those jerks who have to steal other peoples hard work.

  99. rororowyourboat says:

    Hello Lostaccount, I’m really sorry that those mean people stole your stuff
    its really sad as i would have liked to see your mod. I hope you
    continue having fun on the sims regardless of what those Stupid theives did.

  100. Stephen P. says:

    Hey LostAccount, as everyone else seems to be saying, I’m sorry about what happened with the rest of the community. People will do anything they can to one-up another person. It’s disgusting what people will do to others though, especially when they’re making something for free, so that everyone can enjoy something. I don’t quite understand why they would do it, because even jealousy seems too petty to fall to that level. But of course, that hardly changes the fact that it is in fact jealousy that drives people to ruin the enjoyment and good will of others.
    While I’d love to have the chance to play Inteen for The Sims 3 (Ambitions), I understand that you’re incredibly busy, and it probably doesn’t help that this is the first time that you’ve probably ever heard of me.
    Anyways, good luck with both your work, have fun with your leisure-time, and I hope that one day you’ll eventually return to the modding community. Hopefully by then the other modders will have matured enough that they won’t try to screw you over this time.

  101. Alibongo says:

    I am really sorry for what happened!! Every teen pregnancy mod i have tried has killed my game. Don’t know why! The last one i used killed my computer!!! Lots of people have been saying that if you were still producing yours then my problems would be solved. And then i found this blog i was so excited. I was so upset when i found out that it was those horrible peoples fault you stopped modding.

  102. David1544 says:

    Hey, I am guessing that you probably dont come to this blog anymore, but I just want to give thanks for all you have contributed to TS3, and I hope that another great modder like you may come out and crate an Inteen for the next generation of Sims games.


  103. Marjoed says:

    I can’t believe I wrote to you over a year ago already. I haven’t touched the Sims3 since then. Mainly because The Sims is just not the same without Teen Pregnancy.

    I shall restate it. Those people are/were douche bags and what they did was wrong. Miss your mods greatly.

    • lostaccount says:

      Thanks. Been a long year away myself. And like you, I haven’t touched the sims either. Only recently started checking up on the net to find out what’s changed.

  104. lostaccount says:

    Just wanted to say something today about all the kind words and people who left comments (still reading through them in their hundreds). There’s a lot of love out there. It’s nice to know people did appreciate what I tried to do. Sorry I had to stop. Hope you still enjoy your games. Peace. πŸ™‚

  105. DivaStar says:

    I really wish your inteen mod was still out there. I’d love to have it. I have been looking for a inteen mod for about 2 weeks and haven’t found anything.

  106. Xanthe says:

    I’m really sorry about what happened, it sucks when people screw you over!! If you do ever do a new inteen mod, let me know, but I get why you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with sims. Anyway I greatly appreciated your old mods so thanks. πŸ™‚

  107. Anonymous says:

    I stumbled upon this page when trying to find an update for Inteen today. Haven’t played Sims 3 in a long time and wanted to have the good old mod I enjoyed “back in the day” lol Sadly…and for obvious reasons….I couldn’t find it. *sigh* Just sucks that a few can ruin things for everyone. You were one of the great modders imho. Along with the likes of Warlokk. Too bad you’re not in it anymore because of simple jealousy from others. Now…to search for a probably less stable and buggy “version” of inteen. *sigh again*

  108. Jewels2018 says:

    I really hate when I do something to please people, and they aren’t pleased only because they’re not the person who did it.
    People sometimes let jealousy control they’re actions.

  109. rmt3786 says:

    dude, i just read what happened, how shity. I have tried to mod my game with disastrous results, I have horrible computer skills, nothing worked. Good luck with everything, i just have the basic.

  110. Ericka says:

    If I install Inteo 3 for the update 1.19 … 1.24, tendre problems?

    • lostaccount says:

      I wouldn’t do it. The old inteen will mess up your game if it’s updated.

      • Ericka says:

        Ok, thanks.
        Since no update Inteen3 beyond the 1.19 … I think I’ll choose not to install What a Family and Life in the City.
        Outdoor Living alone fails and the update 1.19, so I can keep this great mod.

  111. Anonymous says:

    I was, unfortunately, too late in purchasing Sims 3 to get your mod before it was gone from the boards. Which is too bad because I loved using Inteen for Sims 2.
    It’s a shame that you received such treatment πŸ™‚
    If I remember correctly there was a lot of stuff like this going on with the early mods for Sims 2 as well.
    Hopefully, some day you’ll find a site you can trust (or start your own… hint, hint) and will share your stuff again in the future

  112. Nelly says:

    I got so excited when i read the inteen 3 here that i was even shaking. uuuuntil i read the blog you posted 😦 i’m so sorry about them bastards stealing your work. trust me, i know that feeling >< <—artist =/ but is their anyway to get the mod? like at all?

  113. Morigaine_Auroura says:

    Seems as though a lot of us there have lost our love for Sims3. I too haven’t touch the game basically after the first week I bought it. Thought I would get back in to it, and was looking for mods, I then came across your blog, and was sickened over the actions of some of the “mod-gods” out there, believe me, I will not every be supporting them again. I plan to check your blog regularly to see else out there are the ones to avoid. Shame what a few lost souls will do. If ever you update inteen, would appreciate it myself. I only have ambitions at the moment. Good luck with your future endeavours.

  114. it’s such a shame that your work gets stolen and you don’t get the recognition deserved. Your mod has made Sims so much more enjoyable and i hope you’ll keep on updating and maybe selling the mod for a donation fee, so that you can protect your rights? I’d pay money for a fully working customizable risky woohoo, silent pregnancy and whatnot… without it the game is just too sterile and predictable.

  115. I just have to join all the above and say that i really hate that your awsome work is ‘off the market’ due to MTS morons. I have just recently started playing TS3 again, and I’ve been searching high and low for a TS3 version of this mod… Reason why I didn’t is clear to me now =(
    I’m truly sorry for what happened to you, hope you haven’t totally lost your faith in people because of this.

  116. Nee says:

    Wow… Wow… and wow. Kids and I had wondered why you and a few of our other favorite Modders went MIA. Will say to you just as I have the other few…. Thank you for all the wonderful times of game play… You & the few got us through plenty of sleepless nights with them dealing with a chronic illness. Thank you a bunch…. and you best believe they’ll get theirs in the long run.

  117. Lea says:

    Hi, can u please give me the mod??? I have tries SOOOO hard to get it but can’t. On, I can’t download the mod coz I need to register. So, I did. Then it said ‘Cookies not found’!!! So I went NRaas Factories to get ‘The WooHooer’ but my game won’t load with that mod in it! It just shuts off! So I found Baxim on but is blocked in my country! So then I tried to download your older mod, but it says I have to register. So I tried, it said I appear to be a spammer… HELP???? I NEED that mod!! But I can’t get it :'(((((

  118. Maranda says:

    I would really love to use your mod, i used it in the sims 2 and it was awesome,
    i just figured out how to mod out the sims 3 and it would be amazing if i could use this.
    Love your work
    Thanks for all of it.

  119. Andrea says:

    You know what sucks. I only just. Like. JUST found out you. YOU Mr Lostaccount were the Inteen 3 genius. And I feel dirty for having downloaded anything from MTS. I so wish I knew anything, just so I could make one for myself, you know, a mod so reckless teenage sim-chicks could get knocked up by old perverts.

    I actually found Baxim on SexySims2. He stopped modding the mod a few months back and i keep checking every now and then to see if they’ve updated it, and you know what! It’s not even there anymore!

    Awesomemod just DOESN’T work. If it’s not the romance options showing up. It’s the teen sims not actually giving birth, when they’re meant to be giving birth. And NRAS is going through a whole bunch of updates. I don’t actually understand that forum. Or how to find any mods. Teen ones at least. I think they’re all obsolete.

    I damn those people who screwed you over, stole your work, stuffed it up their arses and shat it back out. I’m using my hectic Wicca magic with your voodoo-ness. You will definantly be missed. As will your work, of course.

    I did find a copy of your stuff on SexySims. Some lad fiddled with it a bit, gave you credit where it was due. All the best.

  120. xiantom says:

    Is there any way to get the Inteen 3 mod now? If I can try it, it would really make my day.

  121. Kitty says:

    Lost, you need to get back in the modding community again. You were the only one dedicated to Inteen 3. AD85 GONE!!! AND BANNED!!!!!

    Baxim long gone. I would make it compatible to AWESOME Mod. Pescado has it made so Teen Woohoo can happen. But, has to be seperate from AWESOME Mod.

    Your our only hope.

    Look at all the people asking for you back. People are searching for you. We need you back. The players want you back.

    All you need to do is that 1 mod we all love Inteen 3.

  122. gerry says:

    i would just like to add i 2 recently started playing again and was very dissapointed to see that u were gone.then came across ur blogs and was pissed at what took place.hate to see that ur not producing any great mods anymore its very sad and dissapointing,but i can also understand where ur coming from.i do hope u will continough updating and creating stuff for the game, for all that loved ur work.just need to come up with a fan site of ur own that u can share it on and have control over.this way fans like myself can still download ur great work but can also keep the riff raf away from ur work.well again thanxs for all ur hard work loved it and still do.

  123. Aslin says:

    I was wondering if you still had a copy of the inteen mod? I’ve tried looking everywhere that people have told me to, but I just can’t find someplace to download it . . . I really am sorry about those thieves, and I understand why you had to take it down off the web. I figured that I would now ask you directly. Please?

  124. Mariella says:

    It’s a real shame that your mod is not available any more. I’d love to use it again. It was THE greatest. I just hope someday you go back to modding

  125. Jess says:

    I was so sad that you left sexysims you have no idea!
    A couple months after I got ambitions I went overseas came back got gen and pets and was like maybe there is a new verision and nothing was there.
    Then I came across this blog via google and was like :O NOOOO!!
    The game is so boring without the mod since I’m so used to it.
    Is there any possibility that you might put the inteen3 and other mods back up? 😦
    Fuck the haters you’re awesome<3

  126. It says i need to be a friend to access ur downloads on Facebook(?)

  127. elly says:

    What is your facebook? i wanna download it.. x:

  128. Night_Woman says:

    I would really like to have my teens whoohoo and have adult relations. I am VERY, VERY sorry they stole your mods, you are VERY, VERY talent please do not stop modding because of haters.
    PS: Can you tell me by e-mail Please? πŸ™‚

  129. JagW says:

    Just going to join with everyone else to say ARGH I miss your mods. I spent the past few hours trying to find one mod to do something I remember yours doing. *sigh* Unable to find it. Suck. Anyhow sucks about your problems within the community. That does bite.

  130. Antoinette says:

    Hi, I been looking for a mod like this since i heard about tts3, and i am glad after all my searching i found this page. i love my game to be life like. i wont share it with no one because its not my work. BUT i WOULD LOVE IF YOU COULD PLEASE SHARE THIS MOD WITH ME AND ALL MODS U HAVE MADE. EVERYTIME I CLICK THEY SAY ITS PRIVATE. THANKYOU IN ADVANCE. WANT MY GAME TO BE BETTER ITS BORING THE REGULAR WAY

  131. Anonymous says:

    I just recently got the sims 3 and was searching for your sims 3 mod of the inteenimator but i couldnt find it anywhere. Could you please send me a copy of it please and thank you! πŸ˜€

  132. Xenia says:

    There are troubles with your facebook account, there is nothing on the wall!Is there any way to get your Inteen now?

  133. Caitlin says:

    Omg finally I have found who made the inteen mod. I always tried the downloads but they never worked, and now I found out they were stolen. I was looking on your Facebook, but I can’t see the links, I even can’t see your notes ): How can I get these links? Really really really thank you if you can tell me!
    Greetz Caitlin (:

  134. Leonharts_E says:

    send me a link for this mods dude……… 😦

  135. Zach B. says:

    I apologize for being this LATE into the conversation but when I access your facebook page, there is no Notes section, alot of sections are missing for some reason. Could you email the mod to me?
    If so, email’s

    • lostaccount says:

      All the links are in Notes, been that way for over a year now. Almost two years on FB, I think, can’t remember when I joined exactly. But anyway, everything is there. You have to befriend in order to see the Notes and links.

  136. Linda Rose says:

    I happened along your blog as a search for interesting things to make my sims 3 world a more adult place. I read some of the blogs and saw some of the video. I can appreciate your position. My husband writes computer code & is forever working on intellectual property issues.
    Thanks for Keeping it Real

    • Linda Rose says:

      Could you please include a copy for me via e-mail? Thanks

      • lostaccount says:

        It would be a nightmare to email everyone. Easiest way to get the mods (and there are loads now; I’ve been busy making them non-stop) is on facebook. See sidebar for the link

  137. Simmehhh says:

    Hey Lostaccount!
    Awful what has happend, makes me realize how much I hate people sometimes! Λ†Λ†
    Still I have hope you will someday post your work again or maybe create new mods as I’m a big fan of your work! Too bad that, thanks to a couple of morons, many many people aren’t able to enjoy your mods anymore..
    Good luck! And thank you!

  138. kdog0598 says:

    what time do you check your facebook?

  139. Jordan says:

    Hello Lostaccount I am a humble sims 3 player who has absolutly no hope of creating mods and I want to use your polygamy mod because no matter how many copy cats try to create it they make it too over complicated and I have heard nothing but good things about your modding skills so I was wondering if you could send it to me?

    ps I know what it is like to have something stolen from you that you worked so hard for so I understand how you feel. I also keep finding bits and pieces of your mods exsiting as you said, people referencing your mods being needed in conjunction with theirs, people commenting on the copys.

    thank you either way you choose and have a good life

  140. Abii says:

    Inteen was and is my favorite addition to the Sims 2 game. It was what made it worth playing! My mom bought me Sims 3 plus Pets and Ambitions a few hours ago and I promptly started searching for the next inteen… I was shocked and dismayed to stumble across this site!!! And I’m so disappointed… Why do some greedy idiots have to ruin it for the rest of us!? I really hope at some point you decide to continue. Don’t let others ruin your life and passion! Besides, what are the rest of us supposed to do without your genious…? 😦

  141. Megan says:

    Hello lostaccount. Recently had an issue with Sims 3 – have base game only. I had to uninstall the damn game and reinstall. Still have inteen from 2010 – saved that mod before uninstalling. Now having issues remembering what patch I need to update to so I can keep using your mod since its not available anymore. Can you tell me what patch I need to update to? Or do you have an updated version of inteen for the most recent patch (1.42 I think?)? Again I only have the base game – no expansions. I loved your work – just refused to patch for the last 2 years so I could keep using inteen. Honestly don’t want to play without your mod. Sorry to hear about all the bullshit you’ve had to deal with. I refuse to use any other inteen type mods – probably wont work for shit anyway. Hope to hear from you – really respected and appriciated your work. Thanks for making my Sims what I wanted – hope it can continue!

  142. Jordan says:

    Hey it’s me again, I can’t access your notes on Facebook how do I do it? my Facebook name is Jordan Lee Dougher, if it helps

  143. Jordan says:

    Hey lostaccount, it’s me again. I went to your FB and it said I need to look at your notes, but I can only see them if you friend me, my FB is Jordan Lee Dougher. thanks.

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