Inteen 3 Mod Links and Installation instructions

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NOTE: All passwords are case sensitive.

You need the Resource.cfg file

If you don’t have a Mod folder in your Electronic Arts Document folder then create one here (for windows XP) C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxx\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods

Place the Resource.cfg file in there.

Then create a folder called Packages in the same folder.

This is where you place the Inteen mod (for XP):

C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxx\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods

(for Vista)

C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods

The only thing left to do (if it’s needed) is place the Dx3d file in your Sims 3 game Bin folder which is usually here

C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin – NOTE that you won’t need to do this part if you’re using Sims Pets or Showtime. Only the older versions stall on loading without the d3dx.

resource.cfg link:

d3dx link

How To Mod The Sims 3

A definitive step by step guide to creating your own Sims 3 mods. More than 30,000 words of invaluable programming secrets for every budding Sims 3 Mod Creator. Everything you need to know from basic modification of the tuning files to advanced scripting. Download contains PDF format.



The Script Mods

(these work with most, if not all, expansion packs)

SuperScripts mod Vers 2

Password: Faulkner

To reinstall mod:

1) Reset options to turn everything off.

2) Save game

3) Remove the mod

4) Start game up again

5) Save game in that state, clean

6) You can now put the new version into your mod folder.

Options (which can be found at CityHall)


Once a Sim is into the third term of pregnancy (you can tell because the Sim will be fully pregnant) they are no longer at risk of miscarrying even if the option is switched on. They are only at risk when visibly pregnant, up until the third term. So if you induce pregnancy using my hospital mod, then your Sim will no longer be at risk because she will be too close to giving birth.

The risk is based on health. If your Sim is in good health physically and mentally, then there’s little chance of a full miscarriage even on high rating, unless you go berserk and make your Sim workout until fatigued (most workout options are turned off for pregnant Sims by default in the game anyway; in Seasons, pregnant Sims can do chin-ups on the bar and workout in the usual way). Take care of your pregnant Sim. If you let their health become bad by starving them or leaving them to become tired, stressed, lonely, etc. and allow them to do things that will impact negatively on their mood, they run the risk of miscarriage. Things that will impact negatively on the pregnancy during miscarriage risk are things like being heartbroken, mourning, being stressed out etc, and certain traits, like being unlucky, will add to the risk.

This mod works on male Sims also.

Strenuous activity (woohooing whilst pregnant, certain exercises that are allowed when pregnant) will increase the risk, drastically in some cases. Note: This kind of risk is cumulative throughout the pregnancy; if you strain your Sim’s body , they will pay for it later. Working Out until fatigued almost certainly will cause a reaction. Jogging will not increase the risk; repeated Woohooing will.

Being sick (Germy in Seasons) will increase the risk.

Fitness level will reduce the risk slightly. The fitter your Sim, the less chance of miscarrying.

There is a random element added to the risk, so that even if your Sim is sick and unhealthy and working out there is still a chance – depending on the rating you set- that your Sim won’t have a miscarriage.

Also, using the Random Risk switch, you can set the option for a freak miscarriage, which will happen regardless of any health factors, based on probability.

To add to the realism, your Sim’s risk of miscarriage is higher during the earlier stages of the pregnancy and towards the final term (not sure if this is entirely true of real miscarriages, but anyway …)

The ratings are Low, Medium, High and can be set ingame via the Pregnancy controls.

Your Sims are not at risk of miscarriage, regardless of the settings, when asleep or inside a Rabbithole – so those teens are safe at school.

There is also a pregnancy button in the menu, just for convenience to check who’s pregnant and who the offspring are.

Bear in mind that it’s difficult to get the balance right for the risk ratio; I’ve been playing around with this for quite awhile, since I started creating the mod back in September/October last year (2012) and have finally set the calculations to a risk I’m comfortable with – it may need tweaking if it turns out that the risk is too high for most players, or too low.

Child Support

Child Support iteration is the number of children to pay out to, or adults to receive from.

You can set this to a maximum of 50 (yep, that’s up to 50 abandoned children, shame on your Sim!)

Payouts and credit will happen at 10 am on the day you set in controls.

You will receive notification of the debits or credits.

You can set the amount, up to $99 in the CSA/controls.

Risky WooHoo

Risky works on chance/percentages. If you set the Risky Percent to 99, obviously there is no risk and your Sim will get pregnant whilst WooHooing. If you set the risk to 1 (meaning a 1% chance of getting pregnant) then you may as well turn the option off.

Snubbing Control

Self explanatory.
Can only be used by Teens.


SSDS stands for Sudden Sim Death Syndrome. You can turn this off and on via controls, set the risk and whether you would like to see the scores for the risk. Basically, what it does is kill selected Sims based on risk probability that you set. The risk can be very high (1 in 100) or very low (1 in 100,000).

Having the plague will drastically increase your Sim’s SSD risk.

Immortal, supernatural Sims (vampires, werewolves, zombies) are not affected, neither are pregnant Sim or Children, Toddlers and Babies.


The following were options I used during testing the mods for a bit of light relief and I decided to leave them in for fun. They are not intended as serious mods.

The Call ET option summons aliens.

The Armageddon option will rain meteors down on your Sims. Warning: this can and will wreck your household if you call it at home and most likely will kill your Sims.

Kill Sim – self-explanatory. Will work on Pregnant Sims.

Give Me The Lurgy – well, try it and see.

Registry Office – Polygamy Script Mod (Version 12)


Password: MonicaHughes

Allows multiple marriages (polygamy) without moving in, via the City Hall. Your Sim can have a quickie amicable divorce as well (Sims will remain friends). Ex and Ex Spouse Sims can be remarried in this way but only when their relationship is high enough after a break up – you will know when that’s possible when your Sim and his/her ex get back to that stage where they can Woohoo again. Sims will meet up at the City Hall or travel together. Relationships are correctly attributed after marriage/divorces, although the game always defers to last partner for some personal info – you’ll see what I mean. See Readme for further notes on this mod.

Hospital Revamped vers 10

(Latest version of Insem Mod) – Works With Most XPs (marriage counselling now works with polygamy)

Added Alien Insemination option

Password: Milne

Note: includes Abortion Clinic

(remove old abortion clinic or any other preg mod before using this)


Alien Insemination (random)

Abortion Clinic (If your Sim has Nurturing or Family trait this will cause Mourning)

Change Baby’s Gender

Induce Labour

Hermaphroditic Insemination

Choose Donor For Insemination

Random Donor Artificial Insemination

Pet Random Donor Insemination

Have A Pet Abortion

Induce Pet Labour

Choose Pet Donor For Insemination

Visit The Psychotherapist Dr. DarkPool (If your Sim is Heartbroken or in Mourning, will be cured and made happy)

Participate In Group Social Psychotherapy (If your Sim is Lonely, Desolate or Stir-Crazy, will meet four new Sims at the session)

MarriageCounselling (If your Sim’s relationship with partner is bad (negative, not liked), will improve relationship under certain circumstances, depending on their compatibility) – Sims will meet at hospital and attend the marriage counselling meeting.

Inteen for 1.54 Island Paradise. ******May also work with 1.55 patch

Note: this version does not contain switchable options as in 1.50 and there are a few things like No-censor, Mature-Inteen scolding etc. which I left out due to time constraints. I may add those features at a later date, once I’m sure EA won’t be patching Island again before the next Time Travel xp is released.

As far ad my testing goes, Superscripts, Registry Office, and Hospital Mod, all work with 1.54/1.55

Inteen Island Paradise – V2 (Basic)
Password: Faulks

Inteen Island Paradise – V2 (Full – Polygamy, UberTaboo, NoGen)
Password: Hamilton

Inteen Island Paradise – V2 (Polygamy, UberTaboo)
Password: Hartley

Inteen Island Paradise – V2 (Polygamy)
Password: Doyle

Inteen for Patch 1.50 & Sim University expansion

Password: George

Contains switchable options for No Jealousy, Sims 2 Style Jealousy, Polygamy, UberTaboo and No GenderRestrictions.

Make sure you remove the old 1.48 version and when you update to 1.50 reset all script options, remove and save your game in that state before installing – this is an important step

New Mods For Sims 3 Seasons

Inteen for 1.48 patch (seasons)

Password: Henderson

Additional options for Polygamy, UberTaboo and No Gender Restrictions that come with this version can be found at Science Lab

Inteen V2(Basic)


Password: BodyMortgage

Inteen_Full(Inteen + Uber, Poly and NoGen) V2


Password: TheHope

New versions include No “Mature Teen” Scolding, No Teen Curfew and No Censor, among others things, see Readme for details.

New Mods For Supernatural (Patch 1.38)

**All Updated to include Occult options for Teens**

Super Inteen V8


Password: JamesHerbert

Super Inteen Uber V8 (no relation restrictions)


Password: KazuoIshiguro

Super Inteen NoGen V5 (no gender restrictions)


Password: GastonLeroux

Super Inteen Polygamy V10 (Inteen + Multiple Marriage)


Password: BernardWerber

Supernatural Super Inteen 43 (everything; Inteen, Uber, Polygamy and NoGen + occult options)


Password: Maupassant

New mods (for Showtime):

Inteen 3 Showtime vers 3 (Basic version, any age from teen up)

Password: RichardAdams

Inteen 3 Showtime Vers 3 UberTaboo (incest version)

Password: CliveBarker

Inteen Showtime Vers 3 NoGenderRestriction (removes gender restrictions for romance/preg)

Password: BrianLumley

Hospital Revamped (Latest version of Insem Mod) – Works with Pets or Showtime

Version 3

See above for links to updated version

Note: includes Abortion Clinic (remove old abortion clinic or any other preg mod before using this)

Mods for the original version of Pets.

*****************These are for the original version of the Unpatched Pets**********

Inteen Pets (v4)


Password: Ballard

Inteen 3 UberTaboo version for Pets


Password: Proust

Inteen 3 NoGenderRestrictions (including Male Pregnancy) for Pets Update


password: McBain

Don’t use the latest patch from EA if you can avoid it; it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Versions for the patched game are below if you’re still determined to screw up your game with the EA update.


Inteen 3 for Gen-Town Life


Password: Silverberg

Inteen 3 for Generations (Sims3 vers 8)


Password: Bagley

Inteen 3 for Ambitions (update vers 4 of Sims, I think)


Password: Westlake

Mods for the crappy Patch 1.29 version of Pets


Pets Inteen 1.29 Vanilla


Password: Marquez

Pets Inteen 1.29 UberTaboo


Password: Vonnegut

Pets Inteen 1.29 NoGenderRestrictions


Password: Adams


If you get floating heads for Preg Teens, you probably need Teen Maternity wear. The best place I know of is here:

You’ll need maternity wear to avoid getting floating head syndrome with male pregnancy.


The latest update for Showtime works only with the original unpatched version of Showtime – that’s version 12.0273.

You will have problems with the hospital mod if you try using it with the old abortion mod still in your game. Also, it will most likely conflict with any other pregnancy mod you’re using. Same goes for Superscripts (which contains a Miscarriage mod)

If the game doesn’t load, and you’re using an older version of Sims (pre Pets) then it usually means you are missing the DLL file –

If you get the message about wrong version, it probably means your game is no longer the original unpatched version. If you get a message telling you the mod is outdated or doesn’t match your game version then that’s the reason why. Don’t patch the game, wait for the next xp to do that. Also, I’ve seen this with some cracked versions of the game.

You can only have one core mod in the game at any one time. If you have Awesome mod, for example, whilst using Inteen then you will have problems.

First thing you should always check for is conflicting custom content. When it comes to screwing up your game, the main culprit is usually old CC from previous versions of the Sims still being used in your current version. This also goes for Saved games from previous versions. You should start afresh with the latest xp, not carry over old saved sims from previous versions. You should allow the game to create the new EA folder, not overwrite with your old one from the previous version you were playing before you updated with the latest xp.

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  1. Gusti says:

    I bet that I told you this 50 times already, but love your work.
    I tried to make some own modifcations to get nojealousy to work again, but… my programming skills are crap 😛

    So, now Im eagerly waiting for that 1.55 version! 🙂

    Cheers again for all of this.

  2. rose2392 says:

    I updated the sims 3 generations update and it wont work. Is there a way to get it to work or did I just screw it up with the patch?

    • lostaccount says:

      I think the Generations version I did was for the unpatched xp, which is probably why you have a problem. Only solution would be to reinstall and don’t patch if you want to use that version of the mod.

  3. R says:

    Hey Dark,
    Not on facebook anymore so can’t see any updates but are you going to be updating Inteen for 1.57, (latest version causes CTD)


  4. Mimi says:

    Will you be releasing your 1.57 update when you finish it?

  5. Hi, I’m trying to use the Showtime Inteen 3 incest version and I’m getting load stalling, with and without dx3d. I have Gen, Late Night, and Supernatural. I installed the mod normally and replaced the resource file. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  6. Hi Lostaccount, sorry if I’m being a pest. I’ve just come across your site within the last couple of days as I remember using some of your mods a few couple years back, then I couldn’t find ya anymore…so very happy for your return. I sent a message regarding superscripts mod ( was wondering if you could provide me with the miscarriage and child support mods separately from the others that are part of superscripts…I’m so looking forward to these mods as I’ve never come across anything like them elsewhere) Also, wondering if INTEEN update is coming soon? I’m patched to 1.63 and can’t wait to use these again! Thanks so much!

  7. lala13 says:

    Can you made the misscarriage mod on it’s own?

    • lostaccount says:

      Already replied to this; see other posts. But if you want to just use Miscarriage, you can simply turn off all the other options in Superscripts anyway.

  8. Ali says:

    I love you!! You’ve made my Sims gaming experience wonderful! Thank you for your mods and for your hard work!

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