Labour Inducer AMB sims 3

**NOTE: this mod was superseded by my Hospital Mod. Get it here. See this page for mod links:

Like my old pregnancy control mod, but simply to help you if you have a stuck pregnancy by forcing sim to give birth. Or just if you want the whole pregnancy thing over with already. 🙂

Works with AMB


2 Responses to Labour Inducer AMB sims 3

  1. AnnieBonnie says:

    OMG!! Maybe my Chloe can have her baby after all. I’ll try your mod, LostAccount. I’m SO HAPPY!!!! She is stuck at home with a huge tummy and trying to give birth for a sim day and night… If she were a real person she’d be dead by now…

  2. Jenn says:

    This is the best mod ever thanks so much

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