Sims2StyleJealousy Mod (Sims 3)

 **NOTE for a version of this mod see the Inteen 1.50 update (Inteen for Patch 1.50 & Sim University expansion), which is the most comprehensive version of Inteen (using switchable options) – go here for the mod links:

All links below are invalid. To get this version of Inteen you must use Inteen 1.50 and get it from the link above.

My Original Sims2StyleJealousy Mod

Originally created this back in Dec 2009 (actually it was possibly posted on sites earlier: on checking my files I see I was working on this in Oct/Nov), uploaded it to ModThesims2, and it was promptly stolen and implemented in AD85’s version of my Inteen mod which was then published on the same site by the people who run ModTheSims2 (who purport to protect modders rights. Do they, my arse!)

This mod works by using a line of Boolean Algebra that I invented for the purpose back in Dec 2009. Until then, there was nobody who could do it, and nothing like it.

Will not be sharing Ambitions update of this, for reasons explain in main home page. Read it, if you haven’t already.

Originally posted 11th Dec 2009 at 06:36 PM – Updated 12th Dec 2009 at 09:06 AM by Lostaccount – Viewed 35224 times. (on modethsims2)

Sims 2 style jealousy for Sims 3.

This is a core mod that implements Sims 2 style jealousy in Sims 3. For 1.7.9 and WA.

This DOES NOT restrict detection range. It’s quite transparent if anybody wants to look at the bit of script I created for this. It doesn’t work by reducing the range or distance or anything else of jealousy broadcasts. It prevents sims who can’t see a cheating act from knowing about it (among other things, sleeping sims for example, unless light sleeper trait). IT DOES NOT ALTER JEALOUSY BROADCAST RANGE. How it works is much simpler than that and boils down in fact to a line of boolean algebra that I came up with and that DOES NOT touch jealousy broadcast.
Consider the way Jealousy works in Sims 3:
Sims 3 style jealousy is so basic it’s pathetic. If you do anything even remotely romantic whilst cheating, just a little flirt even, everybody on your lot, including the baby, knows about it – like they’re psychic or something.

In the old Sims 2 game, jealousy didn’t work like that. It was much more realistic. If you did anything romantic with someone in the privacy of a room, so long as your romantic other did not catch you cheating, did not physically see you, or did not hear you making woohoo, you could get away with it.
You could even woohoo while they were asleep, so long as they weren’t in the same room, or they’d hear you. Obviously this is far more realistic and allows you to sneak off down into the basement or the shed or whatever and get it on with another sim while your romantic other is unaware because he/she is in another room in the house or asleep in the bedroom. It provides that risky element that is missing from Sims 3.

Sims 3 jealousy works like this: anything you do on the lot, everyone knows about it. Even if they’re not in the room, even if they’re asleep!

Sims 2 style jealousy works like this: you can cheat, so long as your romantic other doesn’t catch you doing it – for example, if your romantic other walks into the room and sees you doing it. If you woohoo in the house while your romantic other is in the house, she/he will hear you and know about it. If you woohoo with your cheat while your romantic other is asleep in another room, he/she won’t know about it – because they’re sleeping, obviously. If you woohoo in the same room, they’ll wake up obviously and catch you. So your sim can sneak off and cheat with a neighbour in the house, but it’s risky, exactly the way it used to be in Sims 2.
I’ve added one other element: if your romantic other (the one you’re cheating on) has the light sleeper trait, they’ll wake up even if you’re just flirting with another sim in the same room in which they’re sleeping. With light sleeper trait, they’ll hear you in the room and catch you no matter what.

This is a core mod, which means you will need the DLL to use it. Get that from here:
The DLL goes in your sims bin folder. This core mod goes in your mod folder. If it doesn’t work in the mod folder, then rename it “Gameplay.package” and put it in the sims bin folder, replacing the one in there AFTER you have BACKED UP the original.

This core mod has risky woohoo as standard. The default is 100%. If you want to switch it off, just use the 0% bedtuner plugin. Various percentages are provided with the download.

*****I improved on the Risky Woohoo used in this mod, which I put into my INTEEN 3 mods just before I left Sexysims2/ModThesims2 for good. Unfortunately, they chose to delete my posts, as I explained on home page (an unusual move because since when do they remove mods that need updating??? Very fishy!)… anyway, the improved Risky Woohoo is out there somewhere in one of my WA version of INTEEN. It was also ripped off and used by those German modders I was talking about, though my updated WA version is far superior. Have it on my hard drive and an updated Ambitions version, but won’t be uploading the Ambitions version, as explained.

There is only one way to make Sims2StyleJealousy for Sims 3 and it is with the code that I came up with; there is no other way to do it. So if you see Sims2StyleJealousy in any mod other than mine, then you know it has been copied. Baxim uses it in his mod, but I don’t mind that because he at least credited me. AD85, on the other hand, used it without my permission.  As I said, there is only one way to make this work and it is through the algebraic formula I wrote into my original mod. If you see Sims2StyleJealousy in sims 3 from any other mod, it was pilfered from mine. Period.


8 Responses to Sims2StyleJealousy Mod (Sims 3)

  1. Kallist says:

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the years of work with these mods. Ive always loved anything that can make a game more immerse, and Modders like you are the only reason these games have such a long life span these days.
    Sucks to have people steal your work and claim it as your own. I recently had someone steal some Deck concepts for Magic the Gathering that I came up with, and claimed it all as their own(GRR!!) Thinking about the days of work Ive put in on those decks, I can completely understand your hatred for talentless people who leech off of other peoples work.

  2. lostaccount says:

    You know after reading all your comments recently, I’m itching to give you all the mods you want. But when I look around on the net and I see posts on forums by people asking for Sims2stylejealousy and inteen and whatnot and I see replies from people who originally posted my stuff (that delphy pervert among others) and they’re talking about this stuff as if it was created by other modders, like I don’t exist and never did, and staking claims on something they didn’t create, in many cases using my coding in their mods, it makes me realise I was right not to come back and not to release any updates on further work I had in store.

  3. Mary Beth Waters says:

    Like you,I like mod the sims probably above all of the sites. I would love for you to keep modding please!!! your work makes the game so much more enjoyable for everyone. I’ve been searching all around for a no jealousy mod for the latest patch and no one else has come up with anything that works. So that alone says volumes about your work. People can use your codes but not update and get it working….My hubby and I work in the tattoo industry , all of this with theft of work in this industry , has made me realize that there is not much of a difference in anyone’s world. No more needs to be said, There are skypes everywhere.

  4. Mark says:

    Is there any way you would reconsider releasing this mod??? It sounds so awesome!!! Ahhhhh I want it so bad!!! I understand, though. I would be pissed if I were you. Sorry your work was stolen.

    Will you at least think about it???

  5. yannick says:

    Thanks man, i love to see thus back in my game 😀

  6. Gabby says:

    Aww man you gotta re-release this! The new Sims shit is all mucked up 😦 EA got laaaazy…

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