The Missing Mods (Get Naked/Preg Control)

Prior to making my non-core Abortion Clinic mod back in 2009, I created two mods to test out my non-core scripting. These were two simple mods that I’d used just as examples to myself and for others to see how non-core scripting was done in Sims 3, along with my tutorial on the subject that was posted on Sexysims3 around Oct/Nov, I think, of 2009.  I posted one of the example mods “Get Naked” (which was a script mod I wrote as a trial to basically allow the player to strip any sim any where at any time) onto Sexysims2, and the other one “Pregnancy Control” was still awaiting moderation it would never get at modthesims2. Sexysims2 never published the “get naked” mod; I still don’t know why. Some people managed to download it from Sexysim3 before that closed down, but not many.

I can only find version one of the GetNaked mod on my drive (I remember doing further versions but God knows what happened to them). I must have done more, because I was on version 3 of the pregnancy control mod which I had big plans for at the time and was working on at the same time.

You can download both here:



Remember though, I made these back in Nov 2009, so they’re pre-ambitions, and they are unfinished mods. Although the GetNaked Mod will work for Ambitions. The old crusty (lol) Get Naked Mod (above) working with Ambitions.

The even older (or should I say Ye Olde Crusty) pregnancy control mod working in the old WA.


I have a folder on my hard drive from Nov 2009 which still contains most of the last INTEEN 3 mods (The UberTaboo/Taboo/TabooLite etc) that I uploaded to sexysims2/modthesims2 and elsewhere; my last mods for Riskywoohoo with those mods had bed “plugins”, before the concept and the modding was pilfered by the unscrupulous thief. Anyways ….  

the readme gave a break down of what I’d added at that time:

From the readme:

Naked Woohoo/Risky WooHoo as standard.
Risky Woohoo as set to 100% default risk. If you want zero risk use the zero bedtuner plugins. You’ll see them in the downloads. RiskyWooHoo_Plugins. There are different percentages inside; use one.

The other plugins are for enabling Polygamy as an option, also No Jealousy or Sims2StyleJealousy. You can mix them up.

I’ve added “build on this lot/buy on this lot” enabled through “testingcheatsenabled true”; much better than the way I had it before, due to crashing on zoom. See image. Once you’ve enabled it, press shift and anywhere on any lot (including non-active ones) that you want to modify. This way you get the option when you want it; you won’t have to change active household just to alter a neighbour’s house or furniture. By the way, I’ve enabled most of the debug options as well – you can type them into the cheat console. Spawn, Babyboom etc. etc.

No shoo on sleeping sims

No adult rquired in cas or merg/split/move and teens can now move via computer or phone.

Teens can ask YA/Adult/Elder to stay over & vice versa.

Teens can ask NPCs to move in.

Plus I’ve added an abortion clinc built in – see image. Just click on the hospital when your sims is pregnant, and she’ll go off to the clinic to have the abortion. It’s expensive, and your sim will get sick afterwards, but no worries, she won’t die.

Just to recap, the mods now have normal jealousy and normal marriage as standard + risky woohoo/naked woohoo. The plugins are for you to add no jealousy or polygamy or sims2stylejealousy in whatever combo you want.

*No adult required in Cas.

**No adult required to merge/split or move.

**Teens can ask YA/Adult/Elders to stay over and vice versa

**Same with NPCs.

**Risky woohoo as standard with 100% default. Use 0% to switch it off. Use one of the little risky tuner packages included. This version of Risky does not affect TryForBaby in anyway; it works completely independently of it.

**Naked Woohoo as standard.

**No Teen curfew; Child curfew still in effect – they should be in bed!

**Can go in to build/buy mode in neighbour’s non-active household; sick of having to edit town and change active house just to plonk a bloody double bed down in a neighbour’s house or place a kid’s cradle. Game wasn’t mean to be used this way so use this ability with caution. So far I’ve had few problems using it, but you never know.

**Polygamy in this version.

**Sleeping sim not affected by Shoo.

**Spouse not shooed even even when no longer romantically inclined. Familiarity breeds contempt and all that.

**Working on altering adult romantic dream/desires so Teens can have them. Simple process; just haven’t had time to do it yet.

Comes with Risky Woohoo as standard (100% default risk)
Comes with Naked Woohoo as standard.
Comes with Normal Jealousy
Normal marriage

Polgamy plugin
jealousy plugin
sims2stylejealousy – see readme for explanation
risky plugin
plus abortion clinc built in
built on this lot/buy on this lot enabled
no shoo sleeping sims
no adult rquired in cas or merge/split/move
teens can ask adult to stay over vice versa.
teens can ask npc to move in
teens can move out without adults from computer or phone.


Plus my usual Inteen romance enabler stuff and family-relation restriction removal shit…

I’d been working the whole lot over to streamline everything but the last two uploads to modthesims2 before they deleted my posts were



Along with my older TeenWoohoo mods that were on that original post dating from June 2009.

If I remember rightly these were my last version of the Teen Woohoo mods, with my plugins concept for adding options like Foreign Teen pregnancy, Polygamy, Sims2StyleJealousy, Risky woohoo, Naked Woohoo,  Same Sex marriage/preg etc. etc in my Teen mods.  I don’t think they’d been up long before Modthesims2 allowed the thief to move in. No point updating after that, especially since the post had been cut off by Modthesims2 for spurious reasons, so I left it there.

Some older versions (and I mean older versions) of my Inteen (UberTaboo) and TeenWoohoo were used as part of the Sexysims3 EP, the SSEP (Oct or Nov 2009, maybe earlier), which contained adult downloads, mods, skins, new town, etc. and was a work in progress with many contributors. But it seems to have vanished along with the site. Only record of it I know of is here:

Pregnancy Control mod working with AMB


26 Responses to The Missing Mods (Get Naked/Preg Control)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I for one think it’s total bull that you arnt; on sexysims or mts anymore. sexysims is back up, but it doesn’t seem like your stuff is one there. Don’t stop modding or tweeking anything just for the sake of doing what you feel like doing. As a graphic designer, I’m saddened to see that somone who can take a main stream game and show it a new way to play was essentially forced off of sites due to a damn witchhunt.(even the adult ones..go figure). And yes i’t is apparant that you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I’m a fane of you’re work(the stuff that syill seams to be kicking around) and a fan of Nraas’ master controller. If for nothing else the fact that those mods run clean should be enough for em, instead of whatever they decide is immoral(they downloaded em, and they played they way they wanted to). And yes I wont bs you, I was originally trying to figure out why the link for inteen3 was there but “the administrator has prohibited..blah.blah “and I followed the trail, and saw what had happened. If anything as you read this, just know at least one of the faceless stand behind you. Good luck man(or woman)

  2. lotte says:

    Just want to quote again: The faceless stand behind you!

  3. queen says:

    i have a question any idea if these would work with late night and generations?

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Sexysims2 never published the “get naked” mod; I still don’t know why. ”

    Thought you might be interested to know that someone has posted a “Get Naked” mod on Sexy Sims 2. Here’s a link:

    I think what happened to you is awful. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

    • lostaccount says:

      Yeah the getnaked mod was ripped off my somebody called Cmar or something. What do I care since the original mod was crap in the first place. Him stealing my mod and trying to make out he created it is like stealing a turd and trying to polish it. 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Let us download your mods!

  6. Lance says:

    Hey stop being a B I T C H and let us download your mods i mean it happens ALL THE GOD DAMN FUCKING TIME just fucking deal with the fact that some one stole a mod JEEZUS!

  7. Hey says:

    Its in Private

  8. A says:

    Hi I’m sorry about what happened. No-one derserves that. But i’ve checked your facebook account but it’s set to private. Is it now no longer possible that us non-stealing people can download them mods? . So sorry .

  9. Thanks , I have just been searching for information about this
    topic for a long time and yours is the greatest I’ve discovered so far. But, what concerning the conclusion? Are you certain about the source?

  10. angi says:

    it says the downloads dont exist anymore 😦

  11. �zellikle dizi ar�ivi �ok sa�lam olan sitede; yerli dizilerden yabanc�lara, hemen hemen hepsiyle ilgili bilgi edinmek ve haber almak �ok kolay. Ayr�ca dizi takvimi b�l�m�nde ayl�k olarak t�m dizilerin yay�m g�n�ne ula�abilirsiniz.

  12. Myself26 says:

    When i tried to download these mods, i got a message that said they were set to private. What do i need to do?

  13. Anonymous says:

    You should have your own website or something for all of the people that love your stuff but don’t want to have(or can’t get) a Facebook.

  14. lostaccount says:

    Note the mods are all on here now. See the Inteen & Script Mods page at the top.

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