Polygamy (scripted version) Registry Office mod

Registry Office – Polygamy Script Mod (Version 12)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?b8acoggklfhk254

Password: MonicaHughes

Allows multiple marriages (polygamy) without moving in, via the City Hall. Your Sim can have a quickie amicable divorce as well (Sims will remain friends). Ex and Ex Spouse Sims can be remarried in this way but only when their relationship is high enough after a break up – you will know when that’s possible when your Sim and his/her ex get back to that stage where they can Woohoo again. Sims will meet up at the City Hall or travel together. Relationships are correctly attributed after marriage/divorces, although the game always defers to last partner for some personal info – you’ll see what I mean. See Readme for further notes on this mod.