As many of you already know, I fell victim to the London housing crisis about three years ago and have been struggling with homelessness ever since, through no fault of my own. The owner of the flat I’d been living in for ten years sold up and attempted to evict me. I fought the eviction for as long as I could through the courts and by every way possible, but in the end when the property was sold on to property developers I was forced out on to the street.

I managed to find a temporary place for nine months after being on the streets for over a year. I knew when I took the place (because it was owned by developers as well) that when the contract ended I would have to leave here. Well that time has come and so in a few short weeks I will be back on the streets again.

Everybody on FB kept telling me I should start a fundraiser last time and I didn’t do, and it took me forever and a lot of suffering before I had the funds for a place.


And my modding book is still on sale at a fair price: http://payhip.com/b/uWT7

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The boy who cried out "look the emperor isn't wearing any clothes"
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2 Responses to Homelessness

  1. Bxtterfly says:

    OMG!!! I’m so sorry lost……… i hope it gets better 😦

  2. N says:

    It’s been six months since your last activity. Hope all is well. x

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